Di, 5. Dezember 2023, 3:24 Uhr

American Eagle Outfitters

WKN: 897113 / ISIN: US02553E1064

American Eagle Outfitters: Einkommenserwartungen und Aktienperformance im 3. Quartal

29.09.23 14:31

In 151 days, the American Eagle Outfitters company based in Pittsburgh, United States will present its quarterly financial statements for the third quarter. What can shareholders expect in terms of revenue and profit figures? And how does the performance of the American Eagle Outfitters stock compare to the previous year?

There are only 151 days left until the American Eagle Outfitters stock, with a current market capitalization of EUR 2.71 billion, will unveil its new quarterly figures before market opening. Shareholders as well as analysts are eagerly awaiting the results. According to data analysis, analyst firms currently predict a slight decrease in revenue compared to the previous quarter. While American Eagle Outfitters achieved revenue of EUR 94.66 thousand in Q3 2022, it is now expected to decline by 0.00 percent to...

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