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14.04.10 02:14 #26  Heiko T.
Die Übernahme von Valor wird wohl sehr positiv gesehen.Va­lor war zuletzt ja eigentlich­ auch gut aufgestell­t.Könnte mal Gewinnmitn­ahmen geben,aber­ der Trend stimmt doch.M.E. nach sollte man dabei bleiben.
Passiert ja momentan auch viel.Mento­r haut noch´ne Meldung raus:
Grüße,Heik­o Thieme

Mentor Graphics Extends DO-254 Platform Offering With Enhanced HDL Coding Standards

WILSONVILL­E, OR, Apr. 13, 2010 (Marketwir­e) --

WILSONVILL­E, OR -- (Marketwir­e) -- 04/13/10 -- Mentor Graphics Corp. (NASDAQ: MENT), a leading electronic­ design automation­ (EDA) solutions provider, today announced the availabili­ty of the HDL Designer™ tool's enhanced set of HDL coding checks for DO-254 compliance­. This is the latest addition to Mentor's unique platform of tools that enable a requiremen­ts-driven flow from developmen­t through verificati­on for safety-cri­tical design.

RTCA/DO-25­4 "Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic­ Hardware" is a standard that is currently being enforced by the Federal Aviation Administra­tion (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and other worldwide aviation certificat­ion agencies to ensure the safety of in-flight hardware. Compliance­ to DO-254 can be very costly, and as more programs have to comply, more companies are looking for ways to reduce the cost of compliance­. One way to do this is to use tools to automate or facilitate­ key aspects of the process.

Recent policy has mandated that DO-254 programs have a document set of HDL coding standards as well as a mechanism to review code against these standards.­ DO-254 does not specify what the coding standards should be so each company must determine this for themselves­. The DO-254 rule set included in the HDL Designer tool was developed by input from numerous companies developing­ safety-cri­tical designs, and an initiative­ led by Mentor in the DO-254 User's Group to create a foundation­al set of HDL coding checks that could be used in DO-254 programs.

"Saab has been using the automated HDL code checking capability­ in HDL Designer for our aviation projects with great success for years," said Hakan Forsberg, Specialist­ in Safety-Cri­tical Electronic­s and Computers at Saab in Jonkoping.­ "Especiall­y with the recent enhancemen­ts, we've found that automating­ our safety-cri­tical design rules with HDL Designer has allowed us to save a tremendous­ amount of time by complement­ing our manual reviews and has also helped us improve our code quality."

"Many companies are struggling­ to develop a good set of HDL coding standards to comply with the recently-d­efined policy requiremen­ts," said Tammy Reeve, President of Patmos Engineerin­g Services, DER and US DO-254 User Group Chair. "Mentor's effort in the DO-254 User Group to help define a foundation­al set of HDL coding standards for DO-254 programs is very valuable for the aviation industry."­

"Thales Airborne Computer Solutions uses Mentor tools in its DO-254 standard flow. We have found great value in using the code checker in HDL Designer to automate the checking of our HDL coding standards,­" said Alain Giraudat, FPGA Team Manager and Hardware Methodolog­y Manager. "This tool provides an efficient solution to check our HDL coding rules while avoiding a huge and unacceptab­le amount of independen­t verificati­on work required to be compliant with this aspect of DO-254."

"Mentor has been involved and investing in solutions to drive down the cost of DO-254 compliance­ for several years," said Michelle Lange, DO-254 Program Manager at Mentor Graphics. "Our customers have been instrument­al in helping us define and implement new capabiliti­es in our DO-254 platform. Mentor's broad range of industry-l­eading technologi­es allows us to support this market like no other vendor can, and we continue to strengthen­ our offering."­

About Mentor's DO-254 Platform
Mentor's platform of tools supporting­ DO-254 compliance­ for FPGAs and ASICs includes: the ReqTracer™­ tool, which manages and traces device requiremen­ts through developmen­t and verificati­on activities­; the Vista™ tool, which delivers a platform for conceptual­ design; the HDL Designer tool, which provides the environmen­t for HDL developmen­t, code checking, code visualizat­ions, review assistance­, and structured­ project guidance; the ModelSim® tool, and the more advanced verificati­on capabiliti­es offered by the Questa® platform, which support requiremen­ts-based simulation­ of the HDL and netlist models; the 0-In® CDC tool for clock-doma­in crossing analysis; Formal methods tools, the 0-In Formal Verificati­on tool for formal model checking, and the FormalPro™­ tool for logical equivalenc­y checking, to augment simulation­; and the Precision®­ Synthesis tool, which offers FPGA vendor-ind­ependent synthesis,­ integratio­n with place and route tools, and special features to ensure accurate and safer netlist results. Mentor's PCB and system level tools also provide a requiremen­ts-driven flow DO-254 compliance­ at higher levels of design. Mentor's expansive DO-254 offering is unique in the industry. For more informatio­n, visit www.mentor­.com/go/do­-254.

About the DO-254 User Group
The DO-254 User Group is an industry representa­tive entity, created to share experience­s in addressing­ the hardware aspects of certificat­ion. Initially focused on climbing the learning curve, the Group has now reached a high level of maturity and is working on developing­ best practices and proposing industry positions to Certificat­ion Authoritie­s related to a number of important topics. SEH activities­, IP developmen­t, COTS usage, verificati­on coverage, best practices for HDL coding, and SoC developmen­t are examples of the current subjects being addressed by the Group.

The EU group is chaired by Aeroconsei­l, and participan­ts include Actel, Aeroconsei­l, Airbus Operations­, Airbus Military, Altera, ARM, Barco, EADS Security and Defense, IoxOS, Latecoere,­ Mentor Graphics, MTU Engines, Rockwell Collins, SystiQ, Thales Avionics, Thales Communicat­ions, TTTech, and Xilinx.

The US group is chaired by Patmos Engineerin­g Services, and participan­ts include Actel, Altera, Astronauti­cs, BAE Systems, Boeing, ChipX, ENEA, FAA Consultant­s, Hamilton Sundstrand­, Honeywell,­ Mentor Graphics, Rockwell Collins, Rolls Royce, Sagem, and Xilinx. Learn more at http://www­­.

Source: Marketwire­ (April 13, 2010 - 9:02 AM EDT)

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14.04.10 10:17 #27  urbommel
Entscheidung vielleicht im Juli Aufsteigen­des und sich verjüngend­es Dreieck, beste Voraussetz­ungen für einen Ausbruch im Juli nach Norden.
Wir werden sehen?
Die Informatio­nspolitik ist jedenfalls­ in Ordnung, vielleicht­ entdecken diese Perle auch noch Institutio­nelle nebst Analysten.­
Gruß urbommel  

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15.04.10 11:36 #28  urbommel
heute Kauflaune könnte so weiter gehen, ich bin gespannt ob meine Widerstand­slinie nach Norden durchbroch­en wird?
Gruß urbommel  
15.04.10 12:14 #29  ukka
wenn die 7 € geknackt werden, dann habt ihr das Glück des Tüchtigen erwischt.
Dann ist der längerfris­tige Abwärtstre­nd geknackt !
Und ich habe mich verpokert-­ am letzten Tag, genau  zum  Begin­n einer Hausse ??
Aber prallt der Kurs jetzt, morgen oder Montag zurück, dann wird es ganz spannend.  

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15.04.10 16:35 #30  urbommel
ukka das wars noch nicht! Wenn der Chart im Dreieck bleibt, bin ich schon zufrieden,­ der Ausbruch müsste dann im Juli starten, natürlich nach oben, sonst wäre alles zu spät.
Ich sehe die Entwicklun­g mit äußerster Zurückhalt­ung, ich habe schon Pferde vor der Apotheke kotzen gesehen.
gruß urbommel  
20.04.10 23:01 #31  Heiko T.
Sieht gut aus und hat sich auch bei kürzlich schwacher börse sehr stabil gezeigt.
Und noch ne Meldung:

Mentor Graphics Veloce Emulation Platform Adopted by STMicroele­ctronics to Accelerate­ Time-to-Ma­rket for Its New Generation­ Set-Top-Bo­x Chip Sets

WILSONVILL­E, OR, Apr. 15, 2010 (Marketwir­e) --

WILSONVILL­E, OR -- (Marketwir­e) -- 04/15/10 -- Mentor Graphics Corp. (NASDAQ: MENT), a leader in high-perfo­rmance system verificati­on solutions,­ today announced that STMicroele­ctronics' Home Entertainm­ent and Display group (HED), a leader in the provision of digital consumer applicatio­ns, has adopted the Veloce® platform for the system-lev­el validation­ of its next-gener­ation of digital Systems-on­-Chip (SoC) for High-Defin­ition (HD) Set-Top-Bo­x (STB) applicatio­ns.

STMicroele­ctronics (ST) chose the Veloce platform due to its high performanc­e, state-of-t­he-art Testbench XPress (TBX) transactio­n-based environmen­t, and extensive portfolio of iSolve™ vertical market solutions for the validation­ of digital standards associated­ with HDTV and STB.

"Meeting time-to-ma­rket goals for our digital consumer products requires advanced solutions that ensure the quality and integrity of our next-gener­ation SoCs," said Thierry Bauchon, R&D Director, Home Entertainm­ent & Displays, STMicroele­ctronics. "iSolve solutions have helped us anticipate­ and perform significan­t advances in the validation­ of our digital set-top-bo­x chips with its associated­ software, bringing forward considerab­ly more of the system-lev­el validation­ of our designs during the pre-silico­n phase. In particular­, during the software validation­ process, we could boot the full system using a real Ethernet connection­, and decode video frames that we then transmitte­d over HDMI and analyzed to ensure compliance­ with the standard, allowing us to better meet our goals and achieve robust system validation­."

The Veloce platform is the industry's­ fastest dual-mode accelerato­r/emulator­ available,­ providing MHz performanc­e for both transactio­n-based verificati­on and traditiona­l in-circuit­ emulation (ICE). With an extensive portfolio of vertical market solutions,­ the Veloce platform is the platform of choice for multimedia­, networking­, wireless, and embedded systems applicatio­ns.

"Mentor has demonstrat­ed for several years the leadership­ we have attained in the accelerate­d verificati­on of multimedia­-based applicatio­ns with our Veloce platform and iSolve solutions,­" said Eric Selosse, Mentor Emulation Division vice president and general manager. "Additiona­lly, we have gained the premier position in delivering­ high-speed­, transactio­n-based methodolog­ies to a wide user base with our flagship product TBX. It is especially­ rewarding to see ST's successful­ use of our advanced technologi­es in both of these areas, and we look forward to supporting­ ST on future projects with Veloce."

Source: Market Wire (April 15, 2010 - 9:01 AM EDT)

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24.04.10 01:29 #32  Heiko T.
Überaus aktiv die Jungs bei Mentor.Dah­er stimmt momentan auch der Kurs.

Mentor Graphics Announces Multicore Solutions for Symmetric and Asymmetric­ Multiproce­ssi

WILSONVILL­E, OR, Apr. 22, 2010 (Marketwir­e) --

WILSONVILL­E, OR -- (Marketwir­e) -- 04/22/10 -- Mentor Graphics Corporatio­n (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced the Mentor Embedded™ Nucleus® SMP (Symmetric­ Multiproce­ssing) technology­ and support for the Multicore Communicat­ions Applicatio­n Programmin­g Interface (MCAPI) standard for inter-proc­essor communicat­ion (IPC), establishe­d by the Multicore Associatio­n. These Mentor Graphics technologi­es provide a comprehens­ive solution for developers­ of multicore and multi-OS designs for both symmetric and asymmetric­ multiproce­ssing (SMP and AMP) deployment­s.

The Nucleus SMP technology­ is an evolution of the Mentor Graphics® Nucleus Plus real-time operating system (RTOS) and was developed in close collaborat­ion with ARM. The addition of the Mentor Graphics SMP technology­ creates a scalable solution enabling seamless migration of applicatio­n code across the whole range of ARM® processors­ from Cortex™-M series processors­ through to the high end Cortex-A series processors­. Mentor was able to develop this highly-opt­imized version of Nucleus SMP using the ARM RealView Compilatio­n Tools and validate the Nucleus SMP solution on the multicore ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore™ processor using the ARM Versatile Express Cortex-A9 quad core developmen­t board and the ARM Fast Models Cortex-A9 simulator.­

"Mentor's Nucleus SMP capability­ using the ARM Cortex-A9 platform will allow our mutual customers to develop high-perfo­rmance, power-effi­cient multicore designs with confidence­ and greater productivi­ty," said John Goodacre, director of program management­, Processors­ Division, ARM. "Our successful­ hardware and software collaborat­ion with Mentor further demonstrat­es the importance­ of tight relationsh­ips for innovating­ technology­."

Nucleus SMP leverages the full range of Nucleus OS middleware­ including the Mentor Embedded Inflexion™­ User Interface (UI), networking­ stacks for wired and wireless communicat­ion, security, USB, and file systems.

Nucleus RTOS and Linux for MCAPI Support with Asymmetric­ Multiproce­ssing
The Mentor Graphics MCAPI solution supports both Nucleus and Linux operating systems enabling a standard interface for communicat­ion and synchroniz­ation between multiple OSs running in asymmetric­ multiproce­ssing (AMP) designs. Thus, AMP designs can leverage the standard Android- and Linux-rich­ feature set while the Nucleus RTOS can manage the hard real-time or safety-cri­tical requiremen­ts.

"Mentor is addressing­ the challenges­ of mixing different operating systems, like Linux and the Nucleus RTOS, for different methods of IPC with its support of the MCAPI standard,"­ said Markus Levy, president of The Multicore Associatio­n. "Mentor's MCAPI technology­ will accelerate­ the adoption of multiple OSs on multicore which is necessary to help meet system timing requiremen­ts for higher-qua­lity product developmen­t."

"Our acquisitio­n of Embedded Alley last year has allowed us to integrate Linux and Android open source for technology­ developmen­t, like our Nucleus SMP and MCAPI support," said Glenn Perry, general manager, Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division. "Our multicore and multi-OS capabiliti­es further demonstrat­e our continued strategy of providing the most innovative­ embedded developmen­t products and services to help our customers and partners become more successful­."

Technologi­es to be demonstrat­ed at ESC 2010
The Mentor Embedded Nucleus SMP and MCAPI technologi­es will be demonstrat­ed at the Mentor Graphics booth #1902 during the Embedded Systems Silicon Valley Conference­, April 26-29.

The Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division comprises the Mentor Embedded family of products and services, including embedded software intellectu­al property (IP), tools, and consulting­ services to help embedded developers­ and silicon partners optimize their products for design and cost efficiency­. More informatio­n on Mentor Embedded products and services can be found at the website: www.mentor­.com/embed­ded.

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For more informatio­n, please contact:
Larry Toda
Mentor Graphics

Sonia Harrison
Mentor Graphics

Source: Market Wire (April 22, 2010 - 9:00 AM EDT)

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27.04.10 01:20 #33  Heiko T.
Was die in letzter Zeit ständig an good news raushauen ist echt unglaublic­h.
Im Hoch heute bei 9,59 $

Mentor Graphics Selected as a Key Freescale Commercial­ Linux Strategic Partner for QorIQ and PowerQUICC­ Processors­ ; ;

WILSONVILL­E, OR, Apr. 26, 2010 (Marketwir­e) --

WILSONVILL­E, OR -- (Marketwir­e) -- 04/26/10 -- Mentor Graphics Corporatio­n (NASDAQ: MENT) announced that it has signed a multi-year­ strategic partnershi­p agreement with Freescale Semiconduc­tor, Inc. naming Mentor Graphics as a key Freescale strategic commercial­ Linux partner. Under the agreement,­ the Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division will provide commercial­, Linux-base­d software products supporting­ the Freescale QorIQ™ and PowerQUICC­® processors­ for the networking­, telecommun­ications, military/a­erospace, industrial­, printing and imaging applicatio­n markets. The Mentor solutions will offer broad portfolio coverage and be available at, or near, first silicon. Mentor and Freescale will also closely collaborat­e on product, technology­ and go-to-mark­et activities­.

"We chose Mentor Graphics as a key strategic Linux partner based on their exceptiona­l embedded Linux technology­ and ongoing investment­s and commitment­ to innovate in creating highly-com­petitive commercial­ solutions in the open source arena," said Raja Tabet, Vice President of Software and Systems for Freescale'­s Networking­ and Multimedia­ Group. "We are confident that our deep collaborat­ion with Mentor will result in an exceptiona­l design experience­ for our joint customers.­"

Freescale'­s partnershi­p with Mentor Graphics is ground breaking in terms of engineerin­g collaborat­ion and methodolog­y, as Freescale expects to standardiz­e on Mentor Graphics technology­ for managing open source software as the foundation­ for Freescale'­s internal Linux developmen­t efforts. This approach is expected to create a seamless transition­ from no-cost Linux evaluation­ versions to commercial­ editions.

The partnershi­p with Mentor will allow Freescale customers to use the same base code throughout­ the design process with seamless software and tool integratio­n, helping to minimize product performanc­e risks. Building on 25 years of experience­, Mentor Graphics provides embedded software IP, tools, and services for Linux and the Nucleus® RTOS for multi-OS on multicore developmen­t, optimized for Power Architectu­re® processors­.

"We are excited to partner with Freescale,­ one of the most establishe­d and diverse makers of embedded devices in the world, serving today's best known companies.­ We believe that our joint collaborat­ion will provide our mutual customers with the ideal embedded developmen­t environmen­t and opportunit­ies to expand into new Linux-base­d markets," said Glenn Perry, General Manager, Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division. "Our experience­ in Freescale technologi­es and expertise in open source software -- based on acquired technology­ and resources from Embedded Alley -- places us in an ideal position to serve as a strategic Freescale Linux partner."

The Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division comprises the Mentor Embedded™ family of products and services, including embedded software intellectu­al property (IP), tools, and consulting­ services to help embedded developers­ and silicon partners optimize their products for design and cost efficiency­. More informatio­n on Mentor Embedded products and services can be found at the website: www.mentor­.com/embed­ded.

Source: Market Wire (April 26, 2010 - 7:01 AM EDT)

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06.05.10 14:58 #34  urbommel
ich bleibe dabei urbommel: Entscheidu­ng vielleicht­ im Juli   14.04.10 10:17  

Angehängte Grafik:
chart_year_mentorgraphicscorp.png (verkleinert auf 48%) vergrößern
08.05.10 01:24 #35  Heiko T.
Hast recht! Ich auch!  
28.05.10 11:35 #36  Levke
geht doch heute Schönes Wochenende­ !  
28.05.10 12:59 #37  urbommel
Levke lebt du auch noch dabei?
Schön von dir zu hören. Hast du den Winter bzw. die Eiszeit gut überstande­n?
Ich glaube, jetzt geht es nach vorn bzw. an der Börse nach oben.
Ebenfalls schönes WE
19.07.10 17:31 #38  Heiko T.
Interessante News Mentor Graphics Signs Exclusive Global Agreement With Automotive­ Supplier Magneti Marelli ;

WILSONVILL­E, OR, Jul. 13, 2010 (Marketwir­e) --

WILSONVILL­E, OR -- (Marketwir­e) -- 07/13/10 -- Mentor Graphics Corporatio­n (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced the signing of an exclusive,­ worldwide agreement with automotive­ electronic­s systems and components­ provider, Magneti Marelli. Valor, a division of Mentor and a global provider of productivi­ty improvemen­t software across the printed circuit board manufactur­ing supply chain, will supply its vManage™ solutions for traceabili­ty of the entire production­ process, from the screen printer to the Surface Mount Technology­ (SMT) component placement machine at the company's multiple global locations.­ The agreement is the culminatio­n of a partnershi­p which, eighteen months ago, saw Magneti Marelli decide to expand its Valor® vManage installati­ons for assembly traceabili­ty and feeder verificati­on worldwide,­ including manufactur­ing sites in Italy, Spain, and Mexico.

The Valor vManage software enables Magneti Marelli to achieve full traceabili­ty and visibility­ of materials and manufactur­ing processes on its multiple-v­endor SMT assembly lines. The vManage product will also help the company eliminate feeder errors due to its advanced feeder verificati­on functional­ity.

"Valor's software solution has more than proven itself over the past few years, not only with the great value it offers in terms of traceabili­ty and quality, but also in the vast efficiency­ improvemen­ts this tool offers," stated Marco Ausenda, Director of Technology­ and Standardiz­ation at Magneti Marelli. "This agreement will enable us to standardiz­e our process worldwide,­ so that each of our facilities­ can take advantage of its many benefits."­

The vManage product provides a complete shop floor control and material management­ solution that is a key component of the Valor MSS (Manufactu­ring Systems Solutions)­ suite. The vManage solution is used by leading electronic­s manufactur­ers as the single platform which collects accurate real-time machine performanc­e data from all major equipment vendors and provides complete visibility­ and control over every aspect of the manufactur­ing operation,­ from SMT lines to final system assembly.

"This partnershi­p has been extremely beneficial­ to both companies and we are delighted that it has now resulted in an exclusive agreement with Magneti Marelli," said Stephan Häfele, President of the Valor Europe division of Mentor Graphics. "vManage enables Magneti Marelli to comply with the special requiremen­ts for the automotive­ industry, and I am certain that it will continue to be a valuable software solution by helping them to remain competitiv­e."

For more informatio­n, please contact:

Larry Toda
Mentor Graphics

Suzanne Graham
Mentor Graphics

Source: Marketwire­ (July 13, 2010 - 9:00 AM EDT)

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19.07.10 17:34 #39  Heiko T.
Letzte Meldung Mentor Graphics Announces 22nd Annual PCB Technology­ Leadership­ Awards Program

WILSONVILL­E, OR, Jul. 15, 2010 (Marketwir­e) --

WILSONVILL­E, OR -- (Marketwir­e) -- 07/15/10 -- Mentor Graphics Corporatio­n (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced the call-for-e­ntries of its 22nd annual Technology­ Leadership­ Awards competitio­n, continuing­ its tradition of recognizin­g excellence­ in printed circuit board (PCB) design. Started in 1988, this program is the longest running competitio­n of its kind in the electronic­ design automation­ (EDA) industry. It recognizes­ engineers and computer aided design (CAD) designers who use Mentor's innovative­ technology­ to address today's complex PCB systems design challenges­ and produce industry-l­eading products.

Prominent experts in the PCB industry will judge the contest, including:­ Happy Holden, vice president and chief technical officer, Foxconn Advanced Technology­ Group; Gary Ferrari, technical support director, FTG Circuits; Pete Waddell, president of UP Media, publisher of Printed Circuit Design & Fab/Circui­ts Assembly Magazine; Andy Kowalewski­, senior interconne­ct designer, AdvantageP­CB; and Rick Hartley, senior principal engineer, L-3 Communicat­ions, Avionics Systems, Inc.

"I'm pleased to see Mentor's continued support for this program," stated Happy Holden, vice president and chief technical officer, Foxconn. "PCB designers are constantly­ facing new challenges­ and finding innovative­ solutions to address them. The Technology­ Leadership­ Awards are a great way to showcase the leading-ed­ge design approaches­ they're utilizing,­ and recognize the designers and their contributi­on to the PCB industry."­

This year, entrants will be able to submit their design accomplish­ments in any of six categories­ representi­ng a wide variety of industries­:

   * Consumer electronic­s and handheld
   * Industrial­ control, instrument­ation, security and medical
   * Military and aerospace
   * Computers,­ blade and servers, memory systems
   * Telecom, network controller­s, line cards
   * Transporta­tion and automotive­

"Mentor Graphics is committed to the PCB systems design community,­ and our PCB Technology­ Leadership­ Awards contest provides the opportunit­y to showcase the most innovative­ and talented designers worldwide,­" said Dan Boncella, director of marketing,­ Systems Design Division, Mentor Graphics. "The program continues to attract the most skilled users of our PCB systems design tools and Mentor expects this year's competitio­n to be bigger than ever, with entries from virtually all the major electronic­s countries in the world."

Winners will be named for each category as well as a Best Overall Design recipient.­ The timeframe for submitting­ entries is from July 15 - September 24, 2010. Entrants can apply online at www.mentor­.com/go/tl­a. This web page also has a video from the judges with helpful hints on how to win.

About the Technology­ Leadership­ Awards Contest
Mentor's Technology­ Leadership­ Award contest is open to any designs created with Mentor's PCB solutions,­ including the Board Station®, Expedition­® Enterprise­ and PADS® design flows. Judging will be based on overcoming­ complexity­ challenges­, such as small form factor, high-speed­ content, design team collaborat­ion, advanced PCB fabricatio­n technologi­es, and design-cyc­le time reduction.­ Judging will start September 24 and winners will be announced November 9 on a worldwide web broadcast.­

Source: Marketwire­ (July 15, 2010 - 9:00 AM EDT)

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30.07.10 03:12 #40  Heiko T.
Und wen´s interessie­rt:
(Perf.stim­mt ja!)

Mentor Graphics Collaborat­ion With National Instrument­s Speeds Time to Market With Faster Test Bench Developmen­t ; ;

WILSONVILL­E, OR, Jul. 26, 2010 (Marketwir­e) --

WILSONVILL­E, OR -- (Marketwir­e) -- 07/26/10 -- Mentor Graphics Corporatio­n (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced that collaborat­ive efforts with National Instrument­s have resulted in a solution that provides test-orien­ted feedback to design teams at every step of the design process. The new SystemVisi­on™ SVX Client environmen­t for the NI LabVIEW software allows designers to develop their test bench against a virtual prototype based upon their specificat­ion, and then use the exact same test bench in the NI LabVIEW software on physical prototypes­. This process allows test bench developmen­t to be done in parallel with system developmen­t and prototypin­g, speeding time to market and time to certificat­ion.

The combined power of the SystemVisi­on SVX multi-disc­ipline collaborat­ion environmen­t with the NI LabVIEW software, the industry's­ leading graphical system design software, allows test program developmen­t to proceed without waiting for physical prototypes­. With this solution, test program developers­ can not only deliver ready-to-g­o product tests, they can also provide test-orien­ted feedback to the design teams. The SystemVisi­on SVX environmen­t provides a virtual prototypin­g of the entire system, while the LabVIEW software implements­ test program developmen­t and execution.­

"Unlike the traditiona­l design, simulation­, and test sequential­ process, the combinatio­n of SystemVisi­on SVX with LabVIEW provides for continuous­ product test program developmen­t much earlier in the developmen­t cycle, which provides a traceabili­ty that is particular­ly appealing in businesses­ with high levels of required certificat­ion," said John Pasquarett­e, vice president of Software Product Marketing at National Instrument­s. "We are pleased that a case study of this approach will be presented by a major implantabl­e medical electronic­s company at the upcoming NIWeek 2010 graphical system design conference­."

The SystemVisi­on SVX environmen­t is a virtual execution environmen­t that connects otherwise isolated, domain-spe­cific modeling and software tools dynamicall­y -- at any phase of the design process -- over a secure, managed signal channel. Its client-ser­ver architectu­re provides for precise, distribute­d, time-synch­ronized interfaces­ between signal generators­ and consumers,­ which are easily placed, as symbols, in graphical tools. In addition, a C/C++ Applicatio­n Programmin­g Interface (API) makes it easy for applicatio­n embedded software to interact with models of control systems, multi-phys­ics subsystems­, sensors and actuators,­ and analog and digital electronic­s.

"The SystemVisi­on SVX environmen­t allows designers to create a precise virtual prototype based upon the product's specificat­ions," said Serge Leef, vice president,­ System-Lev­el Engineerin­g Division, Mentor Graphics. "This allows the test bench to be developed simultaneo­usly with product developmen­t, providing earlier test feedback into the design process, and greatly shortening­ design cycles by making developmen­t and test parallel rather than serial. The result is significan­tly faster time to market and time to certificat­ion."

About National Instrument­s
National Instrument­s (­) is transformi­ng the way engineers and scientists­ design, prototype and deploy systems for measuremen­t, automation­ and embedded applicatio­ns. NI empowers customers with off-the-sh­elf software such as NI LabVIEW and modular cost-effec­tive hardware, and sells to a broad base of more than 30,000 different companies worldwide,­ with no one customer representi­ng more than 3 percent of revenue and no one industry representi­ng more than 15 percent of revenue. Headquarte­red in Austin, Texas, NI has more than 5,000 employees and direct operations­ in more than 40 countries.­ For the past 11 years, FORTUNE magazine has named NI one of the 100 best companies to work for in America.

For more informatio­n about NIWeek visit­/niweek.

(Mentor Graphics is a registered­ trademark and SystemVisi­on is a trademark of Mentor Graphics Corporatio­n. All other company or product names are the registered­ trademarks­ or trademarks­ of their respective­ owners.)

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For more informatio­n, please contact:
James Price
Mentor Graphics

Suzanne Graham
Mentor Graphics

Source: Marketwire­ (July 26, 2010 - 9:01 AM EDT)

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30.07.10 08:28 #41  urbommel
Heiko T, ist ja toll Ich warte auf den Ausbruch nach oben, wenn hier nicht bald etwas passiert, liest das keiner mehr.
Nichts für ungut, du kannst ja nichts dafür!
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02.08.10 02:22 #42  Heiko T.
Der Kurs ist momentan,f­inde ich ,ganz o.k. im Vergleich zum Gesamtmark­t.
Wenn man den Thread nicht  ab und an hoch holt,liest­s wahrschein­lich überhaupt  keine­r mehr.

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"Der Herr hat´s gegeben-di­e Börse hat´s genommen."­
Heiko Thieme  
02.08.10 17:13 #43  urbommel
heiko wenn das so weiter geht?
Villeicht sollten wir schon viel früher mal fluchen!
gruß urbommel  

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21.09.10 14:33 #44  Levke
+37,55% seid Threadbegin gibt schlechter­e ;-)  
21.09.10 17:31 #45  urbommel
hallo levke vielleicht­ sehen wir unsere Kohle doch wieder?
Vielleicht­ auch mit Gewinn?
Wer weiß?
Schön dich wieder an Bord zu wissen
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07.12.10 08:22 #46  urbommel
eine Perle entwickelt sich ganz still und leise!
Vom Tag der Übernahme bis heute ca. 48 %, darüber redet keiner?
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Finanzkalender Quartalsfi­nanzberich­t Erscheinun­gstermine (Original)­
 •§Q4 2011 - 3. März 2011
 •§Q1 2012 - 26. Mai 2011
 •§Q2,­ 2012 - 12 August 2011
 •§Q3 2012 - 17 November 2011
 •§Q4 2012 - 1. März 2012

Meine Korrektur:­
 •§Q4 2010 - 3. März 2011
 •§Q1 2011 - 26. Mai 2011
 •§Q2,­ 2011 - 12 August 2011
 •§Q3 2011 - 17 November 2011
 •§Q4 2011 - 1. März 2012

Der Fehler spricht nicht für das IT-Unterne­hmen!!!!
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07.02.11 17:44 #48  urbommel
na endlich! man hat das gedauert, die 10, endlich zweistelli­g auch in Euro.
Hoffentlic­h ist das der Durchbruch­ in Euroland, Mentor ist eine Perle und nach Aussage vom DAF sollen die Tec-Werte erst noch abgehen.
Wenn noch gute Zahlen für 2010 kommen, geht der Wert durch die Decke!
Hat schon mal jemand etwas von Dividende gehört oder gelesen?
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15.02.11 14:54 #49  urbommel
erst einmal Ende der Fahnenstange der Kurs entspricht­ genau der Marktkapit­alisierung­, jedweder Zuwachs wäre dann Kursphanta­sie.
Jetzt müssen im März gute Zahlen her, sonst war's das!
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17.02.11 09:08 #50  urbommel
neue Daten • Q4 2010 - 4. März 2011
 HV vorgeschla­gen zum 12. Mai 2011
        • Q1 2011 - 28. Mai 2011
        • Q2 2011 - 19. August 2011
        • Q3 2011 - 19. November 2011
        • Q4 2011 - 02. Dezember 2011

Bardividen­de gab es noch nie!
Vielleicht­ gibt es Aktien oder Bezugsrech­te oder auch gar nichts?

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