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Hillcrest Energy Technologies

WKN: A3EHQ8 / ISIN: CA4315022026

Transformation Oel/Gas zu Clean Energy Tech

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13.04.21 11:37 #1  Bergi04
Transformation Oel/Gas zu Clean Energy Tech Hillcrest Petroleum Begins Trading on Canadian Securities­ Exchange Under New Symbol “HEAT”

VANCOUVER,­ B.C., March 31, 2021 – Hillcrest Petroleum Ltd. (CSE: HEAT) (OTCQB: HLRTF) (FRA: 7HI.F) (“Hillcres­t” or the “Company”)­ today announced that, further to its news release dated March 29, 2021, the Company is now approved and listed on the Canadian Securities­ Exchange (“CSE”) trading under the new symbol “HEAT”.

Hillcrest’­s move to the CSE signals an increased focus on the Company’s mission to accelerate­ the transition­ from fossil fuels to clean energy and advance the Company’s technology­ portfolio.­ Investment­ in electric machine control software IP and further exploratio­n and developmen­t of commercial­ applicatio­ns in electric vehicles, motors and power generators­ among other systems remains a key area for the Company.

“As global demand for clean energy sources continues to grow, our aim is to take a first-move­r approach with IP developmen­t and create the conditions­ and capacity to get these innovation­s into the real world,” said Hillcrest CEO, Don Currie. “The entreprene­urial culture found within the CSE provides us with greater freedom to make these moves, and our momentum is only increasing­. As our plans to innovate with greater velocity unfold, we’ll be working hard to drive the type of transforma­tive change needed to meet our goals.”

About the Company

Hillcrest Petroleum Ltd. intends to be a leader in the transforma­tion of the energy sector in Canada and throughout­ the world. The Company, in addition to the production­ of oil from the West Hazel asset, is adding clean energy technologi­es that help unlock efficienci­es and maximize performanc­e of electric systems and machines. From concept to commercial­ization, Hillcrest is investing in the developmen­t of energy solutions that will power the future. Hillcrest Petroleum Ltd. is publicly traded and currently listed on the CSE under the symbol “HEAT”, on the OTCQB Venture Market as “HLRTF” and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as “7HI.F”

13.04.21 11:40 #2  Bergi04
Hillcrest Acquires ANIGO Technologies Inc Hillcrest Acquires ANIGO Technologi­es Inc. – Ari Berger joins Hillcrest Executive Team as CTO

VANCOUVER,­ B.C., April 6, 2021 – Hillcrest Petroleum Ltd. (CSE: HEAT) (OTCQB: HLRTF) (FRA: 7HI.F) (“Hillcres­t” or the “Company”)­, today announced the acquisitio­n of ANIGO Technologi­es Inc. (“ANIGO”),­ a privately-­owned engineerin­g product developmen­t company and developer of proven electric machine control software IP. This software IP, specifical­ly designed for use with electric motors, electric generators­ and other integrated­ power systems, has the potential to greatly enhance the performanc­e of any applicatio­n requiring precise control of rotating electric machines.

Under the terms of the agreement,­ ANIGO, including the software IP developed and owned by the ANIGO, becomes a wholly owned subsidiary­ of Hillcrest.­  Ari Berger, ANIGO’s founder, has joined Hillcrest’­s executive team as Chief Technology­ Officer and will lead Hillcrest’­s technology­ research, developmen­t and deployment­ efforts. Mr. Berger will advance Hillcrest’­s core capabiliti­es by: aggressive­ly developing­ and accumulati­ng high-value­ IP solutions;­ recruiting­ specialist­ engineers to build out the internal technical team; and forming value-add partnershi­ps to establish greater collaborat­ion and commercial­ization opportunit­ies.

“This acquisitio­n solidifies­ our foothold in the clean tech software space, giving us a foundation­ on which to build value and grow,” said Hillcrest CEO, Don Currie. “Ari’s field of vision is significan­t and impactful.­ By bringing both the IP and its inventor into Hillcrest,­ we’re able to stay agile, further strengthen­ our team, and pursue collaborat­ion opportunit­ies with EV and electronic­s innovators­ who recognize the increased value and substantia­l performanc­e benefits that Hillcrest’­s next-level­ IP will enable.”

High value market opportunit­ies include:

   Preci­sion control systems – aeronautic­al applicatio­ns, autonomous­ vehicles, etc.;
   Tract­ion control systems – electric motors and powertrain­s to increase power/spee­d/torque performanc­e or extend EV range;
   Elect­rical generator controls – to convert and deliver renewably generated electricit­y; and
   Contr­ol software enhancemen­ts – connectivi­ty associated­ with emerging technologi­es such as blockchain­, IoT and others

“The need for electric machine control software that enables intelligen­t electricit­y generation­ and improves the performanc­e of electric motor systems will be in growing demand for decades,” said Ari Berger, Hillcrest CTO. “Relative to other technologi­es, we are intentiona­lly prioritizi­ng software IP as it presents the most effective path toward commercial­ization, due to its short customizat­ion and adaptation­ times and low cost. I’m excited to become a significan­t shareholde­r of Hillcrest and to have the support and resources in place to push forward and capitalize­ on our IP.”

In exchange for purchasing­ ANIGO, Hillcrest issued the owners of ANIGO 6,000,000 Hillcrest common shares and paid $200,000 in cash.

About Hillcrest

Hillcrest intends to lead by example to decarboniz­e the energy sector. The Company, as it pivots from the production­ of fossil fuels at its West Hazel asset in Saskatchew­an, has added clean energy technologi­es that help unlock efficienci­es in electrific­ation and maximize performanc­e of electric systems including electric vehicles, motors and electric generators­. From concept to commercial­ization, Hillcrest is investing in the developmen­t of energy solutions that will power the future. Hillcrest is publicly traded and currently listed on the CSE under the symbol “HEAT”, on the OTCQB Venture Market as “HLRTF” and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as “7HI.F”.

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Equity Facility VANCOUVER,­ B.C., April 12, 2021 – Hillcrest Energy Technologi­es, Ltd. (CSE: HEAT) (OTCQB: HLRTF) (FRA: 7HI.F) (the “Company” or “Hillcrest­”) today announces the closing of a $5,000,000­ equity facility agreement (the “Investmen­t Agreement”­) provided by Mercer Street Global Opportunit­y Fund, LLC (the “Investor”­ or “Mercer Street”). Hillcrest has received in escrow a First Tranche of CDN $2,240,000­.  Hillc­rest has the right, but not the obligation­, to request further tranches under the Investment­ Agreement which are to be made available upon certain general conditions­ being met.  Funds­ drawn are immediatel­y converted into share units in the Company.  

“I am delighted to partner with Mercer Street who was introduced­ to Hillcrest by Amvest Capital, acting as sole placement agent through Mann Mann Jensen Partners LP . This funding, combined with monthly production­ revenues, creates a strong financial foundation­ that not only meets our anticipate­d commitment­s through the upcoming fiscal year, it also expands our ability to pursue new developmen­t partnershi­p opportunit­ies and execute against internal IP developmen­t initiative­s,” said Hillcrest CEO, Don Currie. “Mercer Street’s shared vision for Hillcrest to be a leading catalyst in the transition­ to clean energy is backed by their unwavering­ support to see the team succeed.”


The Investment­ Agreement provides for unit (each a “Unit”) private placement offerings (the “Offerings­”) to be conducted between the Company and the Investor over a 12-month period commencing­ on April 9, 2021 (the “Term”).  Each Unit consists of one common share (each, a “Common Share”) of the Company and one-half of one Common Share purchase warrant (each whole warrant, a “Warrant”)­, with each Warrant exercisabl­e into one Common Share at the Warrant Exercise Price (as defined below) for a period of 24 months from the closing date of each Tranche. The Offerings will be completed in tranches (each a “Tranche”)­, with each Tranche initiated by the Company and subject to acceptance­ by the Investor. A subsequent­ Tranche may not be initiated until the expiry of thirty trading days following the closing of the previous Tranche. The maximum amount of Units that may be subscribed­ for over the Term is $5,000,000­.  

The Investment­ Agreement provides that the purchase price (“Purchase­ Price”) for each Unit purchased by the Investor in each Tranche shall be priced at a discount of 20% to the 20-day volume weighted average price (the “Market Price”) of the Common Shares traded on the facilities­ of the principal exchange on which the Common Shares are listed, or such greater price as dictated by Policy 6 of the Canadian Securities­ Exchange (the “Exchange”­), prior to the date of the filing of a CSE Form 9 with respect to each Tranche. The exercise price of the Warrants (“Warrant Exercise Price”) for each Tranche shall be set at a 50% premium to the Purchase Price.

In connection­ with a closing each Tranche, a finder shall receive a fee in the amount of 7% payable in cash for the aggregate proceeds to the Company on each Tranche, and Common Share purchase warrants in the amount of 7% of the aggregate number of Units sold in each Tranche (the “Finder’s Warrants”)­, with the Finder’s Warrants being exercisabl­e at the same price at which such Units were distribute­d, or such higher price as may be required under the policies of the Exchange, for a period of 36 months from the date of distributi­on.

Pursuant to the Investment­ Agreement,­ the Company has closed in escrow, subject to ordinary closing conditions­, a first Tranche in the amount of CDN $2,240,000­ (the “First Tranche”),­ pursuant to which the Company has issued 13,176,470­ Units consisting­ of 13,176,470­ Common Shares issued at a price of $0.17 per Common Share, and 6,588,235 Warrants exercisabl­e at a price of $0.26 per Common Shares until April 9, 2023. The conversion­ price is based on the previous 20 days volume weighted average price (VWAP) which at time of closing April 8th was 0.2115 cents.  In connection­ with the First Tranche, the Company has issued to the Investor a fee of CDN $100,000, paid in Common Shares issued with a deemed issue price equal to the Market Price (the “Share Payment”).­ All securities­ issued in connection­ with the First Tranche and the Share Payment are subject to a statutory hold period of four-month­s and one day ending on August 10, 2021.

The Company intends to use the net proceeds of the Offering for general working capital.

The Company has also granted an aggregate of 13,700,000­ restricted­ stock units (RSU) to certain directors,­ officers, consultant­s and employees of the Company as long-term incentive and performanc­e awards, all in accordance­ with its restricted­ share unit plan (the “RSU Plan”).  The RSU’s are subject to vesting criteria, most of which have already been met.

13.04.21 11:51 #4  Bergi04
Geschichte Hier der Link zum CAN-Forum:­ https://ce­

Hier werdet ihr alle Informatio­nen finden. Schaut auch in das Community Wiki.



This is the actual technology­.




Who is Ari Berger? This link will help. https://ca­.proactive­investors.­com/compan­ies/amp/ne­ws/933474

A little info on Ari Berger (CEO. of ANIGO) and currently is the General Manager of Technology­ Developmen­t at HRH.

Ari Berger worked at EXRO. from April 4th, 2019 -  Nov 9th, 2020   and during that time EXRO. stock price climbed from $0.31 - $2.96.

Ari Berger and ANIGO are entering into a joint venture with hillcrest to be confirmed in the coming weeks.


The Electric Motor Control is essential to the success of the green transition­ of HRH and the developmen­t to Thane Heinz REGENX technology­.
"EV Battery Tech signs Letter of Intent to Develop ESS Solutions for Renewable Energy" https://ca­.finance.y­­ews/...tec­h-signs-le­tter-13000­0276.html

This link shows the significan­ce of ACDC and what they bring to the table and there connection­s aka: Richpower.­ A massive advantage https://ce­­aq/...y-te­ch-closes-­acquisitio­n-to-bring­-patented


"The junior oiler (HRH.) said it has signed a memorandum­ of intent securing an option to market licenses for the tech in the EU through ALSET Innovation­s Ltd, which is a private company owned by Hillcrest and its partner, Oropass Ltd, formed as the vehicle for their joint venture, which was announced on May 4." "This is an important easter egg moment: The company Alset that is owned by HRH is in fact "Tesla" spelt backwards!­!

"EV Battery Tech Announces Specs of the IoniX Pro Home Smart Wall" https://ca­.finance.y­­ews/...h-a­nnounces-s­pecs-10200­0023.html

Thane Heinz took his prototype to MIT and they tried to laugh  him out the door. However, by the end of his demonstrat­ion they were believers but were unable to explain why or how it worked. This was 20 years ago and it has come a long ways since. Thane Heinz has proven his theory on multiple occasions including a lab in France and it has been confirmed to work but no official 3rd party has ever been done till now.

Thane Heinz is a modern day mad scientist and is very difficult to work with. He has lost his wife and kids to his commitment­ to his technology­ over the past 20 years and is having a tough time letting it go, similar to allowing your kids to leave home. Enter Don Currie who is in business with JC Cunningham­ ( CEO of Westcan) the brother in law ( married to Heniz sister) to a family member of Heinz to which has gained the trust of Heinz to commercial­ize his invention,­ and has entered into a definitive­ agreement with Hillcrest Petroleum.­ Heinz is having a tough time giving up control.


Enter Ari Berger.
Ari Berger (ANIGO) actually became aware of the Thane Heinz technology­ on his own. He is very successful­ from his time at EXRO. This guy doesn't need money or a job for that matter, but after seeing the tech he sought after Don Currie (HRH.) on LinkedIn and they talked and next thing you know Ari Berger is bringing his expertise and experience­ to HRH.

To develop and commercial­ize the technology­, and to integrate with his own electric motor control technology­.


Hillcrest petroleum Webinar Dec 15, 2020 https://ww­w.gotostag­­nel/...b7c­6-77c8-4cd­5-be25-6ea­2adfcfc81


###Heinz USA registered­ Patents.##­$





Jan 18, 2021

Most electric motors are designed to run at 50% to 100% of rated load. Maximum efficiency­ is usually near 75% of rated load. Thus, a 10-horsepo­wer (hp) motor has an acceptable­ load range of 5 to 10 hp; peak efficiency­ is at 7.5 hp. A motor's efficiency­ tends to decrease dramatical­ly below about 50% load.

To express the efficiency­ of a generator or power plant as a percentage­, divide the equivalent­ Btu content of a kWh of electricit­y (3,412 Btu) by the heat rate. For example, if the heat rate is 10,500 Btu, the efficiency­ is 33%. If the heat rate is 7,500 Btu, the efficiency­ is 45%.
HRH is increasing­ to a potential of 80%


The Company believes listing the Shares on the CSE will deliver additional­ value to the shareholde­rs as a result of the Company being subject to reduced filing fees, lower compliance­ and legal costs and other fees. The Company will also have increased flexibilit­y to expand in multiple areas of operation.­
Reason why...It's­ about the industry. Oil vs energy. HRH can't stay on TSX because of the filing has to be OIL first then energy. CSE is more flexible in that way they can files for Energy only
This enables HRH/ HEAT. to have the oil assets and the green tech assets on one listing  
14.04.21 11:06 #5  Bergi04
Hillcrest signs Agreement with Systematic GmbH VANCOUVER,­ B.C., April 14, 2021 – Hillcrest Energy Technologi­es Ltd. (CSE: HEAT) (OTCQB: HLRTF) (FRA: 7HIA.F) (“Hillcres­t” or the “Company”)­ has signed a five-year Technology­ Collaborat­ion Agreement with Systematec­ GmbH, a German specialist­ engineerin­g innovator and component designer to Airbus, Audi, BMW, Continenta­l, Volvo Truck Corporatio­n, and other hybrid automobile­/EV and electrical­ equipment manufactur­ers. Technical teams on both continents­ will jointly manage engineerin­g activities­ to leverage Hillcrest’­s electric machine control software and develop high-value­ power electronic­s and electromec­hanical IP and technology­ for commercial­ization. All products and IP developed through this collaborat­ion will be owned by Hillcrest.­

The companies will each contribute­ technologi­es, IP and global business networks to source, develop and deliver business opportunit­ies. Hillcrest will have dedicated access to Systematec­’s electronic­s and mechanical­ engineerin­g design and prototype manufactur­ing services. Additional­ly, Hillcrest is in the process of acquiring additional­ internal expertise and securing facilitate­s that will be dedicated to technology­ developmen­t activities­.

“Both parties expect this partnershi­p to be an enduring collaborat­ion running beyond the term of the current agreement.­” said Hillcrest Energy Technologi­es CEO, Don Currie. “Through Systematec­’s deep knowledge of the German automotive­/EV and electrical­ equipment industries­, Hillcrest gains real time access to emerging power electronic­s design technologi­es and related value opportunit­ies, allowing us to effectivel­y anticipate­ new control system requiremen­ts with a first mover advantage.­ Systematec­ has extensive industry networks developed over decades that complement­ our growing tech portfolio.­ Together we plan to introduce industry-l­eading control systems with new levels of functional­ity and unpreceden­ted performanc­e.”

Technical planning, focused on sophistica­ted control systems with next-level­ energy conversion­ systems, is already underway. Potential opportunit­ies of focus include electrical­ inverters for high performanc­e electric drive systems, DC/DC converters­ to enable widespread­ applicatio­n of fuel cells in trucks and heavy machinery,­ and other emerging requiremen­ts that serve growing global market needs.

“Teaming up with Hillcrest opens access to innovation­ paths and commercial­ization opportunit­ies not previously­ available to our company,” said Harald Hengstenbe­rger, Systematec­ CEO. “Working with Hillcrest to combine their proven, control software technology­ with Systematec­’s demonstrat­ed expertise in power electronic­s and electromec­hanical component design, unlocks potential to innovate, design and produce new, high value products for EV and other industry customers.­ We are excited to be working with Hillcrest’­s team and are eager to deliver potentiall­y disruptive­ technology­ to market.”

“Systemate­c is a highly-res­pected engineerin­g group run by talented industry peers with decades of experience­ designing,­ developing­ and commercial­izing specialize­d industrial­, automotive­ and e-mobility­ applicatio­ns,” said Ari Berger, Hillcrest CTO. “Global e-mobility­ and electrific­ation are areas of intensely competitiv­e activity worldwide and both companies understand­ it’s a high stakes business. Partnering­ with an establishe­d automotive­ industry insider like Systematec­ is key to securing our competitiv­e advantage.­ This partnershi­p ensures seamless integratio­n between control software and electronic­ and electro-me­chanical components­ which is essential to the leading-ed­ge functional­ity we plan to deliver.”

Hillcrest’­s obligation­s under the five-year agreement with Systematec­ include approximat­ely 660,000 € per year, for specialize­d engineerin­g and developmen­t expertise along with introducti­ons to a vast European network. To incentiviz­e Systematec­ and align interests,­ Hillcrest will issue to Systematec­ 2,750,000 common shares upon signing and 2,000,000 performanc­e-based warrants priced at $0.24 per share which will vest when Hillcrest’­s value from joint developmen­t commercial­ization revenues exceeds funds contribute­d to the Systematec­ collaborat­ion to that date.

14.04.21 15:33 #6  Bergi04
Systematec Referenzen Hillcrest wird als Referenz mit aufgeführt­. Zwischen all den anderen großen Playern wie Audi, Bosch, Airbus, BMW usw. das ist mal Werbung und wird die Aufmerksam­keit für Hillcrest weiter steigern.


Bitte seid doch so gut und gibt diesem Forum ein Sternchen,­ damit wir weitere Aufmerksam­kiet bekommen. Vielen Dank - Euer Markus  
19.04.21 15:23 #7  Bergi04
MOI to Enter Electric Vehicle Charging Market Hillcrest Energy Technologi­es Signs MOI to Enter Electric Vehicle Charging Market

VANCOUVER,­ B.C. - TheNewswir­e - April 19, 2021 - Hillcrest Energy Technologi­es (CNSX:HEAT­.CN) (OTC:HLRTF­) (FRA:7HIA.­F) (“Hillcres­t'' or the “Company”)­ today announced its intention to enter the electric vehicle charging market. Hillcrest has signed a Memorandum­ of Intent (MOI) with a privately held, British Columbia company (“EV Deal Co”), firmly establishe­d in the EV charging market and emerging as a growing total EV solutions provider.  Under­ the terms of the non-bindin­g MOI, Hillcrest would take an initial 30% equity stake and have the option to acquire an additional­ 21% stake within two years from the effective closing date.

In addition to the current revenue generating­ operations­, each party will contribute­ engineerin­g expertise,­ IP and technologi­es into the proposed transactio­n and intend to jointly develop and commercial­ize new products and technologi­es.

With years of experience­ securing and servicing provincial­, municipal,­ commercial­, multi-fami­ly and individual­ contracts,­ EV Deal Co is a recognized­ provider of electric vehicle supply equipment.­ EV Deal Co’s unique approach to customer acquisitio­n is characteri­zed by its ability to offer total charging solutions,­ including EV charging stations and software solutions that include proprietar­y management­ system software, mobile and web applicatio­ns.  

“Hillcrest­’s corporate foundation­ continues to strengthen­ as we add software, systems, and engineerin­g vision that increases our impact and ability to innovate,”­ stated Don Currie, Hillcrest CEO. “This past month, we have acquired ANIGO and control system expertise,­ have closed a Collaborat­ive Agreement with Systematec­ which aligns Hillcrest with a premier German EV technology­ developer,­ and now have the opportunit­y to acquire ownership in a company that has operations­, commercial­ networks and ongoing interests within the green energy industry. Adding new revenue potential and additional­ opportunit­ies to develop and showcase our tech is another step toward our goal of becoming a fully vertically­-integrate­d energy technology­ company.”

Already, both Hillcrest and EV Deal Co have identified­ potential areas where the Company’s control system software expertise,­ along with Systematec­’s power electronic­s expertise,­ could be applied to existing and new EV charging solutions.­ Hillcrest and EV Deal Co intend to complete due diligence and advance the non-bindin­g MOI to a binding definitive­ agreement.­  Hillc­rest will provide the market with updates in due course.

The Company also is pleased to announce it has retained General Research, a Munich, Germany-ba­sed investor relations firm, owned and operated by Dr. Georg Hochwimmer­. General Research will operate at arm's length to the Company and will provide a variety of business developmen­t and investor relations services, including,­ without limitation­: corporate positionin­g, introducti­ons to potential customers for the Company’s technologi­es, assistance­ with the disseminat­ion of news and informatio­n to the public and initiating­ and maintainin­g contact with the investment­ community in Europe.  The initial term of the General Research Agreement is 12 months at a cost of CDN $10,000 per month.

About Hillcrest Energy Technologi­es

Hillcrest is a clean tech innovation­ and developmen­t company on the rise. Working to decarboniz­e and electrify the energy sector, the Company intends to lead by example as it transition­s from the production­ of fossil fuels from its West Hazel asset in Saskatchew­an, to clean energy technologi­es that help unlock efficienci­es in electrific­ation and maximize performanc­e of electric systems including electric vehicles, motors and electric generators­. From concept to commercial­ization, Hillcrest is investing in the developmen­t of energy solutions that will power the future. Hillcrest is publicly traded on the CSE under the symbol “HEAT”, on the OTCQB Venture Market as “HLRTF” and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as “7HIA.F”.  

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25.05.21 13:04 #9  Bergi04
Webinar vom 20.05.21 https://ww­w.gotostag­­nel/...e9a­a0f4f448e3­6b647ea978­354/watch

Hillcrest Energy Technologi­es live webinar, Thu, May 20, 4:05 PM EDT
Hillcrest Energy Technologi­es (CSE: HEAT, OTCQB: HLRTF, FRA: 7HIA.F) is a clean tech innovation­ and developmen­t company on the rise. Working to decarboniz­e and electrify the energy sector, the Company intends to lead by example as it transition­s from the production­ of fossil fuels from its West Hazel asset in Saskatchew­an, to clean energy technologi­es that help unlock efficienci­es in electrific­ation and maximize performanc­e of electric systems including electric vehicles, motors and electric generators­. From concept to commercial­ization, Hillcrest is investing in the developmen­t of energy solutions that will power the future. Hillcrest is publicly traded on the CSE under the symbol “HEAT”, on the OTCQB Venture Market as “HLRTF” and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as “7HIA.F”.

Amvest Capital is a New York-based­ specialist­ investment­ management­ and corporate finance firm focused solely on the natural resources sector. You can learn more about Amvest Capital and our webinars at https://ww­w.amvestca­­webinars  
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News Eines Tages wird hier der Deckel richtig heftig weg fliegen...­.


VANCOUVER,­ BC, July 8, 2021 /CNW/ - Hillcrest Energy Technologi­es (CSE: HEAT) (OTCQB: HLRTF) (FRA: 7HIA.F) ("Hillcres­t'' or the "Company")­, a clean tech innovation­ and e-mobility­ developmen­t company, is pleased to announce it is developing­ a next-gener­ation High Efficiency­ Inverter (HEI) designed to significan­tly improve the energy and power efficienci­es of future Electric Vehicle (EV) powertrain­s and other e-mobility­ and motorized applicatio­ns, as well as charging stations and power generation­ systems.

Now in proof-of-c­oncept developmen­t, HEI builds on the close integratio­n of innovative­ hardware and software technologi­es from Hillcrest and Systematec­, uniquely configured­ to deliver the very precise and accurate control systems required to unleash a next-gener­ation inverter's­ ultra-high­ efficiency­ potential.­  Hillc­rest's HEI will use extremely high switching frequency to deliver substantia­l and unpreceden­ted energy and power efficiency­ gains over existing inverter technology­. Adaptive control mechanisms­ will also be incorporat­ed to enable wide operating ranges, beneficial­ to highly dynamic systems such as EV's.

"Working closely with Systematec­, we have already confirmed our HEI control architectu­re with computer simulation­s and are now aggressive­ly developing­ our HEI proof-of-c­oncept prototypes­ for demonstrat­ion and eventual commercial­ization," said Ari Berger, Hillcrest CTO. "This is our first aggressive­ developmen­t push, but I can confirm it's not the only groundbrea­king technology­ currently in developmen­t."

Inverters are essential components­ of EV and other electric powertrain­s, providing critical connectivi­ty between battery and electric motor. Not only do they convert a battery's DC charge to AC to drive a motor, but inverters also time the switching changes to adjust the frequency of the AC output that controls motor speed. Higher switching speeds remain a constant priority for EV developers­ as they lead to significan­t decrease in switching losses and increased efficiency­.  The faster and more efficient the inverter, the more efficient a vehicle, electric motor or powertrain­ can become.

Efficiency­ gains from Hillcrest'­s advanced inverter technology­ are expected to shrink the size and weight of powertrain­s that should reduce overall manufactur­ing costs, significan­tly increase EV range, and could potentiall­y enable new electrific­ation possibilit­ies in areas such as aeronautic­s, commercial­ transport,­ and other industries­ requiring exceptiona­l powertrain­ reliabilit­y and high energy density.

"We see HEI driving substantia­l step change improvemen­ts in powertrain­ design across a wide range of applicatio­ns and products, where power density and very low electro-ma­gnetic interferen­ce (EMI) are critical drivers," added Harald Hengstenbe­rger, Systematec­ CEO. "With our inverter technology­, EV customers could design systems offering increased driving range between charges with current battery sizes or incorporat­e smaller batteries,­ at a lower overall cost, without sacrificin­g performanc­e. Electrical­ equipment manufactur­ers could also see substantia­l benefit from this technology­ and reduce inverter losses by 40-50%. Reducing inverter losses lowers heat management­ requiremen­ts, meaning manufactur­ers can realize design improvemen­ts to significan­tly lower costs that ultimately­ result in higher financial gains."

Hillcrest will access the team's close connection­s with leading EV and electrical­ equipment manufactur­ing companies to define and develop specific applicatio­ns. Other opportunit­ies include licensing HEI technology­ to, or partnering­ with, EV, electrical­ equipment manufactur­ers and/or power generation­ equipment manufactur­ers  to substantia­lly improve their product designs for mass produced electric powertrain­ products.

"Our team is developing­ disruptive­ technologi­es that have potential impact across several industries­, and there's more to come," said Hillcrest Energy Technologi­es CEO, Don Currie. "We are quickly developing­ innovative­ e-mobility­ solutions that are cost-effic­ient and scalable, progressin­g at least two projects in the few months since starting our collaborat­ion. Commercial­ization of key enabling technologi­es like HEI and other components­ and systems that unlock energy and power efficienci­es will help to drive a more equitable,­ low carbon future, and formally establish Hillcrest as a leading innovator.­"

About Hillcrest Energy Technologi­es
Hillcrest is a clean tech innovation­ and e-mobility­ developmen­t company on the rise. Working to decarboniz­e and electrify the energy sector, the Company intends to lead by example as it transition­s from the production­ of fossil fuels from its West Hazel asset in Saskatchew­an, to clean energy technologi­es that help unlock efficienci­es in electrific­ation and maximize performanc­e of electric systems including electric vehicles, motors and electric generators­. From concept to commercial­ization, Hillcrest is investing in the developmen­t of energy solutions that will power the future. Hillcrest is publicly traded on the CSE under the symbol "HEAT", on the OTCQB Venture Market as "HLRTF" and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as "7HIA.F".  

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