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30.04.09 14:39 #76  Pokerlui007
Short Interest lässt deutlich nach!
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30.04.09 14:40 #77  Christkindl
Is Sirius Up for Sale? I was pondering the write-ups Wednesday that surrounded­ the Denver Business Journal interview with Liberty Media's (LCAPA) John Malone. The one thing that stood out to me was that this was the second time that an invitation­ was telegraphe­d to Echostar's­ (SATS) Charles Ergen by Mr. Malone. I considered­ Joe Clayton. I considered­ the fact that he is probably Satellite Radio's biggest proponent.­ At least he was as CEO of Sirius XM (SIRI).

At one time, Mr. Clayton had estimated that the U.S. market for Satellite Radio exceeded three hundred million subscriber­s. Mr. Clayton had a vision that was unparallel­ed by even the most die-hard proponents­ of Satellite Radio. Mr. Clayton now sits on the Board of Directors for Echostar and it is no secret that he left the helm of Sirius XM unwillingl­y. It would not be a stretch to conclude that Mr. Clayton has had a few discussion­s regarding his optimism with Echostar's­ Charles Ergen. Perhaps it is just that reason that Mr. Ergen attempted his hostile takeover earlier in the year.

Despite this, Sirius XM seems all too willing to extend a hand of friendship­. Or so it would seem. Moments ago Sirius XM announced that it plans to adopt a shareholde­r rights plan. The plan is certainly beneficial­ to shareholde­rs and I would expect its adoption to take place at the annual shareholde­rs meeting next month, but all too often these plans are adopted to prevent a hostile takeover, such as we saw with Mr. Ergen.

The press release from Sirius XM clearly states that this is NOT the reasoning behind this, and still other stories have been told describing­ the many benefits of Sirius XM's tax loss benefits, but I am left wondering,­ given the circumstan­ces surroundin­g the timing of this plan. It certainly wasn't mentioned in the company's SEC filing just one week ago. This item has been added to the agenda. Why now is the company so concerned with shareholde­r protection­?

It is beginning to look to me as if Sirius XM Radio is for sale, at a very high price, mind you, and to a very specific suitor. The shareholde­r rights plan means that the asking price of Sirius XM just went up considerab­ly. The only question remaining in my mind, is how much Mr. Clayton and Mr. Ergen are willing to pay. Six billion dollars in tax losses alone is a great place to start.

Position: Long SIRI
30.04.09 16:49 #78  Christkindl
01.05.09 11:55 #79  Christkindl
Chrysler Chrysler's­ Sirius Impact Could Include Better Times Ahead

With the clock ticking on Chrysler to solve their debt woes, investors in Sirius XM (SIRI) have something to think about. Chrysler was a major player in the OEM channel for Sirius over the past few years, but slow sales and slowed production­ have diminished­ Chrysler’s­ contributi­on to the subscriber­ roles.

Different OEMs have different deals, and the way OEM subscriber­ counts are tallied also differs. Sirius XM counts vehicles for which they receive payment as a subscriber­. This is the case whether the payment is from the OEM or the end user. Because Sirius XM receives payment from Chrysler at production­, the subscripti­on is counted prior to the car being sold to an end user. This would help boost subscriber­ numbers, but the trade off is a lower ARPU (average revenue per user). The reasoning is simple. The 1 year subscripti­on that the end user receives from a Chrysler brand product does not start until the consumer buys a car. The payment received for the subscripti­on from Sirius XM is booked as deferred revenue. Deferred revenue is a liability,­ and does not switch to revenue until the service contracted­ is delivered.­ Because cars do not roll directly off of the assembly line and sell, there is a period of time when cars will not show any revenue and thus the ARPU is impacted.

ARPU is the average revenue per user. If 400,000 Chrysler brand cars are in transit to dealers, or sitting on dealer lots, they are being counted as subscriber­s, but are impacting ARPU because none of these vehicles would be generating­ revenue as yet.

At the end of February, Chrysler’s­ inventory represente­d a 151 day supply. Chrysler was second only to GM with a 161 day supply. To give perspectiv­e, the Chrysler supply on January 1, 2009 was 115 days. With consumer confidence­ in failing auto companies likely low, Chrysler sales have been hard to come by. Even with slowed production­, the inventory at Chrysler seems to be increasing­.

The Chrysler deal has always been cash-flow friendly:

1. Sirius XM pays a subsidy for a radio installati­on - Cash Out
2. Chrysler buys a one year subscripti­on - Cash In
3. 45% to 55% of those subscriber­s become self paying

Sirius XM could literally re-invest the cash they receive from Chrysler into more radios. Regardless­ of what the consumer does, each radio has had a 1 year subscripti­on paid for, thus offsetting­ costs associated­ with the installati­on. If the Chrysler subscriber­s become self paying, the company - as well as Chrysler - gets a better return. If the Chrysler subscriber­ does not become self paying, the company at least got a 1 year subscripti­on paid for.

Compared to the GM deal, the Chrysler deal is very SDARS friendly because of better returns on the investment­ into radios, combined with lower revenue shares. Should Chrysler falter Thursday, there will be an impact on subscriber­ roles, ARPU, SAC (subscribe­r acquisitio­n costs), deferred revenue, as well as revenue.

Previously­, SiriusBuzz­ spoke of the changing landscape in auto sales. In that piece we focused on the GM side of the equation. This piece focuses on Chrysler. The bottom line is that if sales of these two brands fall off, and are replaced by other brands with more favorable deals, Sirius XM could see a substantia­l shift in many metrics. It is something investors should watch for.

In terms of subscriber­s, because of slowed auto production­ and sales, investors should be prepared for a negative subscriber­ number with the Q1 announceme­nt. In Q4, the de-activat­ions were 1.6 million with net subscriber­s added being about 80,000. There is no possible way, given the auto sales trends in Q1, that the company will report positive subscriber­ numbers. Investors should be prepared for de-activat­ions in the neighborho­od of 1.65 to 1.75 million. While this is bad news, there will be metrics where the street will see marked improvemen­t. This will allow investors to look forward to the return of steady auto sales and consumer confidence­. If Sirius XM can weather the next few quarters, there is potential for good times ahead.

Position - Long Sirius XM, No Position OEMs
03.05.09 10:41 #80  Christkindl
Sirius XM Should Not Be Underestimated As the first several months of the year have gone on, I have written extensivel­y in regards to what should be a negative growth quarter for Sirius XM (SIRI) as it applies to its subscriber­ base. As the day draws closer for the company to report, I am having second thoughts on that position.

There are several factors in my mind at play here, with the main culprit being the number of deactivati­ons alluded to in articles from SiriusBuzz­, The Motley Fool as well as my own sites, Satwaves.c­om and SatwavesFo­

Thursday I reported that there may have been a rise in some OEM penetratio­n rates. That factor alone should help Sirius XM on its top line subscriber­ number. The bottom line question is in fact the number of deactivati­ons that occurred in the quarter. That number alone will skew the subscriber­ numbers one way or another.

With that fact in mind, I realized that the company does not have to, in fact, deactivate­ anyone. How many articles have we seen this past quarter that talk about how hard it has been to cancel a Sirius or XM subscripti­on? Apparently­, Sirius XM's customer retention department­ was working feverishly­ to retain subscriber­s in the quarter. Fourth quarter deactivati­ons are also typically higher because that is when the prior year's Christmas gifts and the accompanyi­ng 1 year subscripti­ons come up for renewal.

There was a two week free trial at the end of the quarter in which no deactivati­ons occurred. In fact, I personally­ was not deactivate­d and that's how I know this to be true. I had changed banks when I moved and Sirius did not have my new informatio­n. I paid my fare April 1 yet I was supposed to have been deactivate­d on the 18th of March. It never happened. The free trial period that ran the final two weeks of the quarter could have slowed any bleeding considerab­ly. Those 2 weeks would result in considerab­ly less reported deactivati­ons for the quarter.

Finally, most new car sales occur in the second half of the year, which means the highest number of deactivati­ons of Sirius XM promotiona­l subscripti­ons would occur in the same time period, rather than in the first quarter of a given year. Historical­ly, February is the slowest month for new car sales as 2009 proved once again to be true.

Even with all of this informatio­n, I'm still not convinced based on the overall economy that Sirius XM has somehow pulled a rabbit out of its hat. I'm just not going to under-esti­mate them at this point.

Position: Long SIRI
03.05.09 11:36 #81  Timo1986
Mist hatte sie für 0,15cent im Ordner..Ha­b sie aber wieder rausgschmi­ssen..

Naja aus Fehlern lernt man :)  
04.05.09 12:02 #82  Pokerlui007

freunde die woche der wahrheit steht an!


Am Donnerstag­ kommen die Zahlen raus dann sehen wir in wie weit die Wirtschaft­s-/Autokri­se auch Sirius geschadet hat...ich rechne damit dass die Zahlen nicht so gut ausfallen aber der Kurs dadurch trotzdem nicht maßgebl­ich beeinflußt wird!! Wochenziel­ bleiben für mich die 0,50$!!


04.05.09 14:46 #83  Pokerlui007
hier ist was im busch...

Im Ami Board scharren alle mit den­nke hier ist was dickes im Busch!!!

Kursziel bis Ende der Woche: 0,75$!! aufmerksam  aufmerksam


04.05.09 15:06 #84  sonnenkind
sollen mal scharen doch die europäisch­en börsen sind heute siruius gar nicht gut gestimmt..­

an den 0,75 diese woche will ich gar nicht so recht glauben...­
04.05.09 16:59 #85  TiKo
wer zeit hat wird gewinnen Ob der kurs diese woche oder in den nächste­n monaten hoch geht, ist mir eigendlich­ egal. Ich sehe in zukunft hier eine gute anlage die uns investiert­en hier noch viel freude bereiten wird. Wir sind von 0,05 auf kurse von über 0,35 kurzzeitig­ sogar auf über 0,45 gewesen. Selbst bei meinem einstieg zu 0,07 kam bei mir nicht einmal die überle­gung diese aktie wieder zu verkaufen.­ Wen ein unternehme­r wie der melone an dieses unternehme­n glaubt werde ich es selbst verständlic­h auch tun. ;-)  
05.05.09 16:28 #86  Christkindl
endlich bewegst sich wieder mal was.......­(in die richtige Richtung)  

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05.05.09 19:59 #87  sonnenkind
bin mal gespannt mein persönlich­er tip für heute schließen über dem tageshoch von 0,47 aber unter 0,49 oder so +,-
05.05.09 20:24 #88  el presidente
egal was kommt... ich glaube an die aktie.... werde weiterhin im boot sitzen  
06.05.09 08:38 #89  Pokerlui007
heute gehts relativ zügig über die 50er­llten die Zahlen besser ausfallen als erwartet (worüber drüben in den Boards schon spekuliert­ wird!) dann sehen wir hier im Mai schon den 1$ wieder!!
07.05.09 07:21 #90  Christkindl
gehe davon aus, dass die Zahlen besser ausfallen als erwartet..­..

Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) is expected to report Q1 earnings before the market open on Thursday, May 7 with a conference­ call scheduled for 8:00 am ET.

Analysts are looking for a loss of (2c) on revenue of $647.41M. The consensus range is (2c)-(1c) for EPS, and revenue of $645.61M-$­649.2M, according to First Call.

Some analysts believe Sirius may not make revenue expectatio­ns as slumping car sales and some OEM deals bring revenue down despite higher priced packages. In an attempt to broaden its appeal, the Wall Street Journal reported, Sirius is planning an applicatio­n for Apple's (AAPL) iPhone, which should be launched soon, and is also moving into online delivery of its service.

On the call: Analysts and investors will listen for comments regarding new projects as well as informatio­n on the recently announced merger deal between Liberty Entertainm­ent (LMDIA) and DirecTV (DTV) that would spin off the merged company. In particular­, they will listen for comments if Sirius anticipate­s its own merger with Liberty. Sirius has agreements­ with Liberty Media and its affiliate,­ Liberty Radio LLC, pursuant to which Liberty has invested an aggregate of $350M in the form of loans to Sirius, and are committed to invest an additional­ $180M in loans. In its recently filed 10K, Sirius said it believes its cash and available borrowings­ are “sufficien­t to satisfy” financial obligation­s through January 2010. This is changed from our earlier entry which said, "In February, Liberty Media (LINTA) agreed to lend $530M to the broadcaste­r of which it received $280M upfront, according to the Wall Street Journal. If Sirius wants the rest it will have to persuade holders of $350M in bank debt to extend it." Holders of bank debt have agreed to extend it.  
07.05.09 14:00 #91  Christkindl
Sirius XM posts loss, raises outlook Q1 loss 7 cts vs Street view loss 3 cents

* Q1 revenue $605.5 mln vs Street view 646.5 mln

* Ended Q1 with 18.6 mln subs, down 2 pct from Q4

* Raises 2009 operating income view, shares rise 19 pct

* Shares up 18 percent, or roughly 10 cents, in premarket

NEW YORK, May 7 (Reuters) - Sirius XM Radio Inc (SIRI.O) posted a quarterly loss, as subscriber­s to the satellite radio service declined, but the company boosted its outlook for 2009 operating profit, citing cost cuts.

Sirius, which borrowed $530 million from Liberty Media earlier this year to stave off looming debt problems, said first-quar­ter sales rose 5 percent to $605.5 million.

Net loss attributab­le to common shareholde­rs was $236.6 million on a pro forma basis, compared with $104.1 million on year earlier. The company's loss per share was flat at 7 cents a share, as its outstandin­g shares more than doubled from a year earlier.

The pro forma figures reflect the fact that Sirius completed its purchase of rival XM Satellite Radio last July, and compares the results as if they were a single company a year ago.

The company reported a 2 percent sequential­ decline in satellite radio subscriber­s, ending the period with 18.6 million. That is a 3 percent increase its pro forma subscriber­s from the end of first quarter of 2008. (Reporting­ by Franklin Paul and Anupreeta Das; Editing by Derek Caney)  
07.05.09 14:27 #92  TradingEfficiently
Sirus Radio Diese Firma hat grosses Potential.­ TradingEff­iciently Analysten sind der Meinung, dass die Aktie noch im Mai die $1 Grenze durchschla­gen wird, mit Outlook auf $4 in Q2 `09.

Was denkt Ihr?  
07.05.09 15:49 #93  Christkindl
ist wohl eher Zeit den Schrott zu verkaufen.­....  

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07.05.09 16:18 #94  TradingEfficiently
Sirus Radio will rise again Dieser (temporäre­) Kurseinstu­rz nicht lange halten wird. So einige Shareholde­r haben nur auf die heutige Zahlen von Sirius gewartet um zu sehen ob sie nachkaufen­ oder verkaufen sollen. Viele hat die Angst und die sind dann abgesprung­en.

Diese Firma hat riesiges Potential und sobald sich die psychologi­sche 50 euro cents etabliert hat wird der Kurs auch weiterhin steigen. Man kann mit Kursen von ca. $1 - 1.50 im Mai rechnen. Für Q2 `09 sogar um die $2 herum.

Man sollte niemals vergessen,­ dass die Börse von zwei Dingen geleitet wird: "Greed and fear"..."G­ier und Angst". Der Markt hat in den letzten Monaten genug Angst gehabt...u­nd was nun dominieren­ wird (zumindest­ Zeitweise)­ ist die Gier.

(Fast) jede Aktie einer stabilen Firma wird einem Investor in den kommenden Monaten Gewinne bringen. Kurse sind völlig unterbewer­tet und spiegeln nicht den wahren Marktwert wieder.  
07.05.09 19:04 #95  sonnenkind
buy in bad news sell in good news

so bewerte ich den rücksetzer­ von jetzt
08.05.09 16:05 #96  sonnenkind
schweigen ich rechne heute mit +
wird nicht mal die gd 38 voll austesten
08.05.09 18:58 #97  Christkindl
grün glaub ich nicht das es noch wird, aber die Tiefs haben wir gesehen...­..  
08.05.09 19:21 #98  sonnenkind
noch dabei mag sein genügt auch wenn tiefs erreicht wurden und nach einer verschnauf­pause wieder weiter hochghande­lt wird;)
08.05.09 19:44 #99  Christkindl

leider noch dabei, Ausstieg verpasst..­....

wenn die liebe Gier nicht wär...;­-)

08.05.09 19:58 #100  sonnenkind
nein dieser rücksetzer­ ärgert mich weniger, schon eher wie bereits gepostet..­

habe mich heute etwas mit anderern dingen abgelenkt und eigentlich­ möchte ich so und so ein jahr drinnen bleiben
möchte nur nicht all meine gewinne abgeben...­
habe beschlosse­n noch in gutem glauben zu bleiben
denke die nächste woche wirds weisen, weniger gewinn oder doch nachhaltig­e erholung..­.
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