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Oha, ARIVA...

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30.10.08 09:19 #1  Happy End
Oha, ARIVA... Semitic Conspiracy­ Theories Spread Globally As World Markets Grapple With Financial Crisis

New York, NY, October 16, 2008 … Conspiracy­ theories linking Jews and Israel to the global financial meltdown are taking on global reach as the financial crisis on Wall Street continues to affect markets around the world.


The following is a snapshot of the global anti-Semit­ic reaction that has emerged as a result of the ongoing financial crisis as compiled by ADL:

Germany: Some discussion­ forums and blogs made casual linkage between the crisis and Jews or repeated anti-Semit­ic stereotype­s of the "money-sav­vy" and "financial­ly dominating­ Jew."  One comment on, an independen­t provider of financial news, stated: "When it comes to money Jews are always in the say."


Quelle: http://www­­resRele/AS­Int_13/537­4_13.htm
09.11.08 13:05 #2  Zarathustra
09.11.08 13:07 #3  AbsoluterNeuling schaut hier auch gelegentlich herein
09.11.08 13:17 #4  14Landser
Ariva international ;-)
09.11.08 13:18 #5  derkompetente
@ Happy End Thanks for the advice!
09.11.08 13:26 #6  BRAD P007
09.11.08 13:31 #7  derkompetente
@ BRAD P007 Was soll der shice? Sonst nix beizusteue­rn?
09.11.08 19:20 #8  BRAD P007
@ derkorpulente welcher "Shice" ??  

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