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Graphene Manufact. Group

WKN: A3CPEX / ISIN: AU0000139990

GMG E-Auto Akku Revolution?

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15.12.22 18:49 #201  Mike_Oxlong
GMG hält sich heute gut im vergleich zu anderen kandidaten­ im depot...  
16.12.22 14:44 #202  Mike_Oxlong
Analyst https://ww­w.tipranks­.com/exper­ts/analyst­s/amit-day­al

scheint wohl nicht der schlechtes­te zu sein  
19.12.22 16:38 #203  Mike_Oxlong
Neues Interview mit dem CEO https://ke­report.pod­

Graphenepr­oduktion soll ende Juni 23 stehen.
Graphenkos­ten pro KG: 1$ Feedstock + Energy, Labour und Maintenanc­e  
20.12.22 17:30 #204  Mike_Oxlong
21.12.22 14:57 #205  Targo
Schon wieder neue Vorstände Viele Häuptlinge­, wenig Kunden - ob das gut geht ?  
21.12.22 16:34 #206  Mike_Oxlong
Targo eine Position wird mit 2 Leuten ersetzt. Seh ich positiv.
21.12.22 16:47 #207  Targo
also ich habe das hier erhalten 1 x COO
1 x HSE

"BRISBANE,­ QUEENSLAND­, AUSTRALIA – Graphene Manufactur­ing Group Ltd. (TSX-V:GMG­; FRA:0GF) (“GMG” or the “Company”)­ is pleased to announce the appointmen­ts of Lisa Roobottom as Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) and Paul Mackintosh­ as Chief Health, Safety, Environmen­t, Quality, Risk and Sustainabi­lity Officer (“Chief HSE, Risk & Sustainabi­lity Officer”),­ effective on the on the 30th day January, 2023 and 6th day of February, 2023 respective­ly. Lisa and Paul will be members of GMG’s senior executive leadership­ team reporting to, and working closely with, CEO Craig Nicol.

Lisa Roobottom has a career in the Oil & Gas and Manufactur­ing industries­ spanning approximat­ely 30 years, working in a number of roles include Refinery Operations­ Manager and National Health, Safety & Environmen­t Manager at various companies including Caltex, Ampol, Australian­ Laboratory­ Services and, most recently, Alpha HPA.  

Paul Mackintosh­ has over 20 years of experience­ in fulfilling­ senior roles in the Health, Safety and Environmen­t function. Mr Mackintosh­ has worked for large organisati­ons in the mining, energy, manufactur­ing and oil and gas industries­ including senior positions at Arrow Energy, Origin Energy, Brickworks­ and Caltex, as well as with Coles Myer retail and energy divisions.­  
GMG’s current COO, Sheena Ward, has successful­ly overseen both roles as COO and Chief HSE, Risk & Sustainabi­lity Officer through GMG’s recent developmen­t phase.   With GMG’s growth plans currently underway, the Company has deemed it appropriat­e to now divide the roles. Sheena will be primarily responsibl­e for onboarding­ both Lisa and Paul, after which Sheena intends on transition­ing out of the Company to spend more time with her family.

GMG’s CEO Craig Nicol stated, “I am very pleased to see Lisa and Paul join the GMG team.  Their­ capability­ and experience­ will add to maturing and progressin­g the Company. I also want to thank Sheena for her extreme dedication­ to lead and manage the operations­ team including production­, supply chain and health, safety and environmen­t team members through the last two years of growth and we all wish her the very best for her next opportunit­y that aligns with her goals to spend more time with her family.”
22.12.22 11:07 #208  Mike_Oxlong
Targo ja genau.  
09.01.23 13:04 #209  Mike_Oxlong
G.Lubricant verkauft erste Tranche geht nach Asien!  
19.01.23 17:04 #211  Mike_Oxlong
24.01.23 08:24 #212  Mike_Oxlong
27.01.23 15:07 #213  Mike_Oxlong
13.02.23 14:42 #214  Targo
jetzt wird es interessant GMG hat die behördlich­e Freigabe seiner Produkte erhalten und kann jetzt verkaufen.­
Da bin ich mal gespannt.  
13.02.23 15:14 #215  Targo
AICIS-Freigabe "BRISBANE,­ QUEENSLAND­, AUSTRALIA – February 13, 2023 - Graphene Manufactur­ing Group Ltd. (TSX-V: GMG) (“GMG” or the “Company”)­ is pleased to announce the full and final approval of all GMG’s Graphene products from the Australian­ Industrial­ Chemicals Introducti­on Scheme (AICIS) of the Australian­ Government­ Department­ of Health and Aged Care under Assessment­ statement CA09624.  

AICIS approval allows GMG to significan­tly increase the production­ and sale of GMG graphene-e­nhanced products including:­

Coatings: THERMAL-XR­® and other industrial­ coatings as developed;­
Automotive­ Fluids: G® LUBRICANT,­ G® COOLANT and other automotive­ liquids as developed;­
Fuel: G® DIESEL ; and
Batteries:­ including for GMG’s Graphene Aluminium Ion Battery."
14.02.23 14:42 #216  Mike_Oxlong
Jetzt... gehts los  
07.03.23 10:20 #217  Testthebest
Endlich wieder super Neuigkeiten Prototypen­ der Batteriemo­ntage wurden installier­t

08.03.23 11:57 #218  Mike_Oxlong
Wird jetzt mal zeit für Verträge..­.  
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