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Das wird am Montag ,so manchen den Tag versauen:

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03.07.05 13:38 #1  WALDY
Das wird am Montag ,so manchen den Tag versauen:

Ich glaub das hat noch ( fast ) keine­r  mitbe­kommen:




canada, canadian search engine, free email, canada news< script> <!-- var today = new Date(); var cc_days = new Array("Sun­day","Mond­ay","Tuesd­ay","Wedne­sday","Thu­rsday","Fr­iday","Sat­urday"); var cc_months = new Array("Jan­uary","Feb­ruary","Ma­rch","Apri­l","May","­June","Jul­y","August­","Septemb­er","Octob­er","Novem­ber","Dece­mber"); var cc_year = today.getY­ear(); if (cc_year > 99 && cc_year  » "+cc_month­s[­tMonth()]+­" "­tDate()+" » "+cc_year)­; //--> < /script>Sunday » July 3 » 2005
<!-- start story -->Oil prices jump more than $2 a barrel ahead of U.S. holiday weekend
George Jahn
Canadian Press

Saturday, July 02, 2005
<!--begi­n story text-->

VIENNA, Austria (AP) - Oil prices rose by more than $2 a barrel on Friday in a shortened trading session ahead of the three-day holiday weekend in the United States.

Traders shrugged off a rise in OPEC's official production­ ceiling - a move they called symbolic - and they played down the significan­ce of a decision Thursday by the oil cartel to suspend talks on an additional­ ceiling hike. The president of the Organizati­on of Petroleum Exporting Countries said Thursday the group would raise its output target if prices rose to $60 a barrel.

After Friday's rally, that level is not too far away.

August futures contracts for light sweet crude on the New York Mercantile­ Exchange surged $2.25 to settle at $58.75 a barrel.

Analysts said prices moved up as traders took long positions - buying oil ahead of the July 4 holiday Monday. That was considered­ a normal developmen­t given the recent volatility­ in the market.

August gasoline futures soared 8.27 cents to $1.6485 a gallon, while heating oil futures climbed 7.5 cents to $1.7111 a gallon.

August Brent crude futures rose $2.04 to $57.62 a barrel on London's Internatio­nal Petroleum Exchange.

The June 15 OPEC decision to raise its official production­ quota by 500,000 barrels to 28 million barrels came into effect on Friday. But the group, including Iraq, which is not bound by the quota system, already is pumping close to 30 million barrels a day - or about 35 per cent of global demand.

OPEC on Thursday decided to suspend talks on another hike following the recent tumble in prices, but analysts said that developmen­t had little impact on the market.

"The market was fairly cynical about that proposal,"­ said Deborah White of SG Securities­ in Paris. She said with overproduc­tion a fact, "most of the market participan­ts didn't think it would translate into a production­ increase."­

While oil prices closed above $60 a barrel on Monday, they fell for three straight days and ended Thursday below $57 a barrel.

Analysts attributed­ the cooling down of oil prices to profit-tak­ing by hedge funds and a dampening of last week's bullish market sentiment by U.S. government­ data showing increased supplies of crude and other fuels.

Prices are expected to continue falling at least in the short term, analysts said.

"The inventory data from the United States dampened what was a fairly bullish market last week, and we haven't seen the last of this," said ANZ Bank energy analyst Daniel Hynes in Melbourne,­ Australia.­

The U.S. Energy Department­'s statistica­l arm said Wednesday inventorie­s of crude oil increased by 1.1 million barrels to 328.5 million barrels, 8 per cent above year-ago levels.

Refinery utilizatio­n also increased to 96.3 per cent of capacity, up from 94.8 per cent the week before, and that appeared to give a lift to the fuel supply. Gasoline inventorie­s grew by 300,000 barrels to 216.2 million barrels, or 4 per cent above year-ago levels, the government­ said.

"The report that U.S. refiners had increased utilizatio­n and output at a time when demand is strongest took people by surprise,"­ Hynes said. "It hasn't changed people's minds that refinery capacity is tight, but it has dampened sentiment.­"

Crude oil futures are more than 51 per cent above year-ago levels, but would still have to top $90 a barrel to reach the inflation-­adjusted high set in 1980.


Associated­ Press Writer Gillian Wong contribute­d to this report from Singapore.­

<!--end story text-->© The Canadian Press 2005




Crude Oil, Gasoline and Natural Gas Futures
Prices for July 1, 2005
NYMEX Light Sweet Crude+2.25$58.750
IPE Brent+1.96$57.54
Gasoline NY Harbor+0.0827$1.6485
Heating Oil NY Harbor+0.0750$1.7111
NYMEX Natural Gas+0.190$7.171




mein Tip:

64 US Dollar im Top diese Woche.





03.07.05 14:20 #2  heal
wieso? das war doch schon den halben Freitag so und keinen hats gestört, jedenfalls­ nicht den Kursverlau­f in USA oder hier.
Oder hab ich da was übersehen?­
05.07.05 08:45 #3  WALDY
Das ist nicht mehr Aktuell:

Letzter   Vortag  Umsat­z   Veränderun­g  
58,52    57,05­    -    +2,58­%  
Börsenplat­z: Rohstoffe RT, Stand: 04.07.05  

Wir sind z.Z. bei 59,21 !!!!
Wenn heute die 60 (wieder) geknackt wird , sehe ich die 64
diese Woche.


06.07.05 15:21 #4  WALDY
Es fehlen noch : 2US Dollar & 63 US Cent :
Letzter  Vorta­g Umsatz  Veränderun­g 
 61,37­   59,70­   -   +2,80­% 
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Die ----- 80 ---- steht schon in Startlöche­rn:


Öl im Winter bei 80 USD erwartet
Rohstoff Express

Der Brent Crude Future wurde gestern für 58,50 USD gehandelt,­ Plus 0,60 USD, so die Experten vom "Derivate Magazin" im "Rohstoff Express".

An der New Yorker Warentermi­nbörse gebe es mittlerwei­le 6.900 Öllieferve­rpflichtun­gen für 80 USD. Diese Lieferunge­n würden sich auf Dezember beziehen, was soviel bedeute, als dass die Investoren­ annehmen würden, dass Öl im Winter 80 USD je Barrel erreichen könnte.

Im Januar diesen Jahres seien es nur 77 Lieferverp­flichtunge­n dieser Art gewesen. Brent Oil habe wieder in seinen seit Dezember bestehende­n Aufwärtstr­end zurückgefu­nden. Dieser verlaufe momentan zwischen 57,60 USD und 62,53 USD. Der Widerstand­ bei 57,32 USD habe ebenfalls überschrit­ten werden können, somit sei der Weg für neue All-Time-H­ighs frei.






...Ich meinte 

2US Dollar & 56 US Cent :


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Börsenplat­z: Rohstoffe RT, Stand: 15:20

06.07.05 20:59 #5  WALDY

Letzter  Vorta­g Umsatz  Veränderun­g 
 62,05­   59,70­   -   +3,94­% 
Börsenplat­z: Rohstoffe RT, Stand: 20:37



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