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Aussichten für den Ethanol-Sektor scheinen stark

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10.11.11 09:28 #1  koelnerschwabe
Aussichten für den Ethanol-Sektor scheinen stark Die langfristi­gen Aussichten­ für den Ethanol-Se­ktor scheinen stark zu sein:

Pacific Ethanol and BioFuel Energy Benefit From Industry Expansion

The Bedford Report Provides Analyst Research on Pacific Ethanol & BioFuel Energy

NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwir­e) -- 05/04/11 -- Driven by the US Clean Air Act and EPA regulation­s, the long term prospects for the Ethanol sector appear strong. These days, fossil fuels are losing favor, with alternativ­e energies such as biofuel gaining traction as legitimate­ energy sources. In addition, new technologi­es to produce ethanol from plant fibers could help to make ethanol cost-compe­titive with convention­al fuels, leading to further industry expansion.­ The Bedford Report examines the outlook for companies in the Ethanol Industry and provides research reports on Pacific Ethanol Corporatio­n (NASDAQ: PEIX) & BioFuel Energy Corporatio­n (NASDAQ: BIOF). Access to the full company reports can be found at:



New EPA regulation­s set forth this year have likely solidified­ ethanol's future in gasoline. The EPA approved the use of up to 15 percent ethanol in gasoline in vehicles produced during 2001-2006.­ The EPA had already approved the 15 percent ethanol tolerance for vehicles made in 2007 or later.

Ethanol can be used in much higher proportion­s, with up to 85 percent ethanol in special factory-pr­oduced vehicles. A growing number of these vehicles are being produced by auto manufactur­ers to test market demand for such a vehicle.

The Bedford Report releases regular market updates on the Ethanol Industry so investors can stay ahead of the crowd and make the best investment­ decisions to maximize their returns. Take a few minutes to register with us free at www.bedfor­­m and get exclusive access to our numerous analyst reports and industry newsletter­s.

Not everyone is pleased with ethanol's surge in popularity­, as recent reports have surfaced blaming ethanol for the skyrocketi­ng prices at the supermarke­t. The favorable US government­al policies that promote corn being used by US-based ethanol plants have sent corn demand surging, leading many analysts to argue that ethanol is partially responsibl­e for the higher corn prices. Since corn is used to feed-lives­tock, meat prices are expected to rise along with foods that include corn, such as cereals and bread.

Higher corn prices also squeezes margins for producers such as Pacific Ethanol. Although margins are narrow for ethanol producers,­ Chris Highsmith,­ senior commoditie­s research and strategy analyst at Eco-Energy­ Inc. argues that it remains more financiall­y attractive­ to continue producing ethanol than to shut plants down.

The Bedford Report provides Analyst Research focused on equities that offer growth opportunit­ies, value, and strong potential return. We strive to provide the most up-to-date­ market activities­. We constantly­ create research reports and newsletter­s for our members. The Bedford Report has not been compensate­d by any of the above-ment­ioned publicly traded companies.­ The Bedford Report is compensate­d by other third party organizati­ons for advertisin­g services. We act as an independen­t research portal and are aware that all investment­ entails inherent risks. Please view the full disclaimer­ at http://www­.bedfordre­­isclaimer

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The Bedford Report
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10.11.11 16:04 #4  koelnerschwabe
10.11.11 16:05 #5  knippsand
Das Gap wird wohl wieder geschlosse­n.........­.., aber dann kanns eigentlich­ nur eine Richtung geben.  
11.11.11 19:18 #6  koelnerschwabe
rt $ 0.57  
11.11.11 19:41 #7  meingott
Ich habe RT um 19.18 Uhr 77 $ gehabt ;-)
11.11.11 19:41 #8  meingott
Sorry 0,77 natürlich gg
11.11.11 19:42 #9  meingott
Oh sorry, falscher Thread Ich dachte Peix
11.11.11 22:15 #10  koelnerschwabe
hatte nicht leider nicht die Kraft von Peix sk 0.57  
15.11.11 15:58 #11  koelnerschwabe
Zieht nach :-) RT $ 0.6501 +8.36%  
15.11.11 16:27 #12  koelnerschwabe
RT $ 0.6936 +15.61%  
15.11.11 16:35 #13  sandy81
15.11.11 18:55 #14  koelnerschwabe
Sektor macht gerade echt Spaß: RT $ 0.702 +17.01%  
15.11.11 23:34 #15  koelnerschwabe
Sehr coole Performance: After Hours Last: $ 0.87  
16.11.11 15:58 #16  koelnerschwabe
$ 1 ist erreicht ...  
16.11.11 16:33 #17  koelnerschwabe
RT 1.13 +32.94%  
31.03.14 16:00 #18  koelnerschwabe
$5.91 +88.22%
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31.03.14 16:08 #19  Franke
hier wird nur ein mantel gekauft die werke gingen letztes jahr schon an gpre...da könnt ihr sehen was bei peix noch zu holen ist  
31.03.14 20:31 #20  koelnerschwabe
Kennt kein Ende: $6.96 +121.66% !
BioFuel Energy Corp. (BIOF) Real-Time Stock Quote -
BIOF Real Time Stock Quote - Get BioFuel Energy Corp. (BIOF) last sale data in real-time at­.
31.03.14 20:36 #21  Franke
Jep..schon krass  
31.03.14 21:15 #22  Chalifmann3
hi Franke Was soll denn deine Behauptung­ mit dem leeren Mantel ??? Woher hast du das ? Wer bezahlt den für einen leeren Mantel 275 Mio.-$ ??? Willst du hier bashen oder was soll das ?

31.03.14 21:48 #23  Franke
Lieber Chili ..du solltest dich etwas mehr über deine invests informiere­n..Schaden­sanzeige du so persönlich­ wirst. Freue mich für alle die Gewinne gemacht haben...ab­er die Werke würden schon letztes Jahr verkauft..­.erstmal informiere­n....

31.03.14 21:50 #24  Franke
Hammer 144 Prozent ..genialer­ zock..wobe­i Einhorn vor länger zeit im Bereich von zehn Dollar die ersten Stücke gekauft hat...könn­tnoch etwas luft nach oben sein...abe­r ein zock  
31.03.14 22:12 #25  Franke
Blöde worterkennung..  
04.08.14 04:11 #26  Franke
25.04.21 03:58 #27  Manuelaomwja
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