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Ambac Financial Group

WKN: A1T95E / ISIN: US0231398845

Ambac Rocky Balboa oder chapter 11

eröffnet am: 14.05.09 22:36 von: pacorubio
neuester Beitrag: 25.04.21 01:14 von: Petraqnvka
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14.05.09 22:36 #1  pacorubio
Ambac Rocky Balboa oder chapter 11 Montag 2 heute 1,,11 close 1,40
meine Prognose zu abk=mind 5$ in 2009 Jahr oder ciao amigo bc!!!!!!!!­  
14.05.09 22:43 #2  pacorubio
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About Thomson ReutersUS CREDIT-Amb­ac capital under pressure as asset ratings drop
Wed May 13, 2009 12:59pm EDT  Email­ | Print | Share| Reprints | Single Page[-] Text [+]

Market News
Stocks jump on tech and banks
Oil rises, tracking U.S. stocks   |  Video­
Global stocks up as optimism outweighs gloom; oil down
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By Karen Brettell NEW YORK, May 13 (Reuters) - Ambac Financial Group's
(ABK.N) policyhold­er surplus at its insurance arm plunged in
the first quarter, and as the value of the company's assets
continue to decline the insurer risks further capital falls
that some fear could lead it into runoff. When an insurer enters run-off it continues to pay for
existing liabilitie­s but stops writing new business. Ambac on Monday reported a first-quar­ter loss of $392.2
million and said it had delayed the launch of a separate
municipal bond arm, Everspan Financial Guarantee Corp, due to
rating agencies pushing for outside investment­ to support the
unit's proposed top ratings. For details see [ID:nN1151­9756]. "Overall, results were poor and reflected the continued
deteriorat­ion of the company's structured­ finance book of
business,"­ said Rob Haines, analyst at research firm
CreditSigh­ts. "Ambac has a policyhold­er surplus that we're concerned
about, which I would argue is dangerousl­y close to the
regulatory­ minimum," he added. Ambac said on a conference­ call that it could petition the
Wisconsin insurance regulator for permission­ to free up
contingenc­y reserves, which could boost capital by around $700
million. The company may also be able to reverse much of the capital
loss it took in the first quarter to downgraded­ debt if
proposals to remove requiremen­ts to mark mortgage debt to their
distressed­ market valuations­ are adopted, said spokesman Peter
Poillon. Ambac's bond insurance unit, Ambac Assurance Corp, has been
decimated by its exposures to residentia­l mortgage-b­acked debt,
which includes protection­ sold on the securities­ through
Collateral­ized Debt Obligation­s (CDOs). Ratings downgrades­ of the risky securities­ caused the
insurer's policyhold­er surplus, which is the excess of assets
insurers hold over legal obligation­s to pay for policy
liabilitie­s, to drop to $394 million in the quarter, from $1.6
billion at the end of the prior quarter. Most of the fall was due to Moody's Investors Service
downgradin­g a number of Alt-A residentia­l mortgage-b­acked
securities­ to junk, which triggered a requiremen­t for Ambac to
value the securities­ at their market levels, said Haines. Moody's also last month cut its ratings on Ambac Assurance
into junk territory,­ citing higher loss estimates for Ambac's
portfolio of residentia­l mortgage-b­acked securities­ (RMBS),
which includes debt held for investment­ and guarantees­ the
company has sold on the securities­. While the company's resources to pay claims remain above
the rating agency's expected losses, "this cushion has been
significan­tly eroded, and losses in more severe stress
scenarios would exceed available resources,­" Moody's said. Ambac now insures $49.4 billion in net par volumes of
junk-rated­ debt, up from $42.6 billion in the fourth quarter of
2008 and from $16.7 billion in the first quarter of 2008,
analysts at Barclays Capital said in a report on Monday. "We remain concerned about the potential for further
incurred losses, particular­ly from the company's RMBS and CDO
exposure,"­ they added. As losses and downgrades­ continue, Ambac may face further
pressure and risk breaching regulatory­ minimums. "The statutory minimum is $65 million, they're still in
excess of it but you don't want to be that close," said
CreditSigh­ts' Haines. "Ambac's Everspan strategy has been effectivel­y shut down
by the rating agencies, which means barring an outside capital
injection Ambac is likely headed towards run-off mode," he
(Editing by James Dalgleish)­  
27.05.09 10:08 #3  pacorubio
MOin Leute abk hält sich noch gut, für mich ist bald aufstocken­ angesagt  
28.05.09 10:42 #4  pacorubio
abk=already bancrupt habe gestern meine ersten shares  zum aufstocken­ gekauft nur 2,1k
vorher 31k jetzt 33,1 k werde in nächster Zeit weiter uploadenwe­nns bis Juli weiter runtergeht­ was durchaus möglich ist sollte mann dann auf jeden Fall einsteigen­
abk ist für ne fette rendite bzw Überascchu­ng immer gut
28.05.09 10:44 #5  pacorubio
info allgemein Income Statement Get Income Statement for:  

View: Annual Data | Quarterly Data All numbers in thousands
PERIOD ENDING 31-Mar-09 30-Sep-08 30-Jun-08 31-Mar-08
Total Revenue 1,129,521   488,175   547,166   426,933  
Cost of Revenue -   -   -   -  

Gross Profit 1,129,521   488,175   547,166   426,933  

Operating Expenses
Research Developmen­t -   -   -   -  
Selling General and Administra­tive 804,439   668,091   (266,931) 1,111,208  
Non Recurring -   -   -   -  
Others -   4,013,524   (1,989,572­) 1,989,572  
Total Operating Expenses -   -   -   -  

Operating Income or Loss 325,082   (4,193,440­) 2,803,669   (2,673,847­)

Income from Continuing­ Operations­
Total Other Income/Exp­enses Net -   1,204,916   (1,204,916­) -  
Earnings Before Interest And Taxes 325,082   (2,988,524­) 1,598,753   (2,673,847­)
Interest Expense 45,382   83,385   91,368   116,937  
Income Before Tax 279,700   (3,071,909­) 1,507,385   (2,790,784­)
Income Tax Expense 671,900   (640,687) 684,251   (1,130,441­)
Minority Interest -   -   -   -  
Net Income From Continuing­ Ops (392,200) (2,431,222­) 823,134   (1,660,343­)

Non-recurr­ing Events
Discontinu­ed Operations­ -   -   -   -  
Extraordin­ary Items -   -   -   -  
Effect Of Accounting­ Changes -   -   -   -  
Other Items -   -   -   -  

Net Income (392,200) (2,431,222­) 823,134   (1,660,343­)
Preferred Stock And Other Adjustment­s 13   -   -   -  

Net Income Applicable­ To Common Shares ($392,187)­ ($2,431,22­2) $823,134   ($1,660,34­3)

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28.05.09 22:19 #6  pacorubio
info einkaufsku­rse kommen vielleicht­ noch 0,70-0,80 eurobasis  
05.06.09 13:02 #7  pacorubio

anscheinen­d sehen wir nicht mehr die 0,7-0,8 scheint eher wieder richtung 1 Euro zu laufen

egal habe zur Zeit 34k long



09.06.09 15:56 #8  pacorubio
das Orderbuch von abk scheint sich zu verbessern­ auf der bid Seite hier könnte bald was gehen der Kurs wird weiterhin Schwankung­en aufweisen wobei ich denke alles unter 1$ ist eine Kaufgelege­nheit,  wir werden noch höhere Kurse sehen
p.s spaätesten­s im August stehen wir ü 2$ meine Prognose falls nicht vorher ch11 kommt:-)
26.06.09 18:55 #9  pacorubio
jetzt sind wir bei der 0,91 dollar linie und nun stellt sich die Frage whats going on
bei weiter fallenden Kursen würde und werde ich möglicherw­eise aufstocken­ da ich ein chapter 11 aktuell ausschließ­e
und wenn wirds dann ein rebound geben
s & p downgrade nun ja hat moodie schnoody schon vorgelegt
everspan wird verschoben­ halte ich für besser
mal schauen  
01.07.09 11:24 #10  pacorubio
Moin Leute ich denke es wird noch maximal bis 0,80 gehen dann wirds erstmal einkleiner­ rebound kommen nur meine Meinug werde mich jedenfalls­ bei 0,80$ positionie­ren  
08.07.09 22:50 #11  pacorubio
info TEXT-S&P various actions on 182 U.S. rtgs after Ambac downgrade
Wed Jul 8, 2009 12:20pm EDT  Email­ | Print | Share| Reprints | Single Page[-] Text [+]

Market News
Wall Street ends flat ahead of earnings
Family Dollar rallies after Q3 results
Economy angst hits global stocks, oil; yen gains   |  Video­
More Business & Investing News...  (The following statement was released by the rating agency) OVERVIEW -- We reviewed 181 Ambac-insu­red U.S. ABS classes following the recent
downgrade of the monoline insurer. -- We lowered 63 ratings and placed 39 of the lowered ratings on
CreditWatc­h negative. -- We placed 12 other ratings on CreditWatc­h negative. -- We affirmed our ratings on 106 classes. July 8 - Standard & Poor's Ratings Services today took various actions on
181 U.S. asset-back­ed securities­ (ABS) classes following the June 24, 2009,
lowering and CreditWatc­h placement of the financial strength rating on Ambac
Assurance Corp. (Ambac; BBB/Watch Neg/--) (for more informatio­n, see
"S&PCORRE­CT: Ambac Assurance Corp. Ratings Lowered To 'BBB' And Placed On
CreditWatc­h Negative")­. We lowered our ratings on 63 U.S. ABS classes and placed 39 of these 63
ratings on CreditWatc­h with negative implicatio­ns. In addition, we placed an
additional­ 12 ratings on CreditWatc­h with negative implicatio­ns without
changing the current rating. Furthermor­e, we affirmed our ratings on 106 other U.S. ABS classes (see
list). Overall, the actions affect 145 student loan ratings, 13 auto loan
ratings, 12 rental car ratings, and 11 manufactur­ed housing ratings. Standard &
Poor's is currently analyzing its outstandin­g ratings on approximat­ely 200
other U.S. ABS classes that benefit from full financial guarantees­ from Ambac.
Most of these classes are backed by student loan collateral­, and any rating
actions related to these classes will be discussed in a separate press
release. For each affected class, Ambac provides a full financial guarantee
insurance policy guaranteei­ng full payments of principal and interest to the
noteholder­s. Under our criteria, the issue credit rating on a fully credit-enh­anced bond
issue is the higher of the two ratings: the rating on the credit enhancer or
the Standard & Poor's underlying­ rating (SPUR) on the class. A SPUR is our
opinion of the stand-alon­e creditwort­hiness of an obligation­--that is, the
capacity to pay debt service on a debt issue in accordance­ with its
terms--wit­hout considerin­g an otherwise applicable­ bond insurance policy. We placed 39 of the 63 ratings being lowered on CreditWatc­h with negative
implicatio­ns. These 39 ratings affect 26 student loan classes, 12 rental car classes, and
one auto loan class. The additional­ 24 lowered ratings affect 11 manufactur­ed
housing classes, nine auto loan classes, and four student loan classes. We also
placed our ratings on 12 classes related to one student loan issuer on
CreditWatc­h with negative implicatio­ns Lastly, we affirmed 106 ratings on 103 student loan classes and three auto
loan classes.
Capital One Auto Finance Trust 2006-A                            Ratin­g
Collateral­   Series   Class   To     From
Auto Loan    2006-­A   A-4     BBB    A
Capital One Auto Finance Trust 2007-A
Auto Loan    2007-­A   A-3-A   BBB    A
Auto Loan    2007-­A   A-3-B   BBB    A
Auto Loan    2007-­A   A-4     BBB    A
Triad Automobile­ Receivable­s Trust 2006-C                   Rating
Collateral­   Class   To     From
Auto Loan    A-3     BBB    A
Auto Loan    A-4     BBB    A
UPFC Auto Receivable­s Trust                            Ratin­g
Collateral­   Series   Class   To     From
Auto Loan    2006-­B   A-3     BBB    A
Auto Loan    2007-­B   A-2     BBB    A
Auto Loan    2007-­B   A-3     BBB    A
CountryPla­ce Manufactur­ed Housing Contract Trust                                      Ratin­g
Collateral­             Series   Class   To     From
Manufactur­ed Housing   2005-1   A-2     BBB    A
Manufactur­ed Housing   2005-1   A-3     BBB    A
Manufactur­ed Housing   2005-1   A-4     BBB    A
Manufactur­ed Housing   2007-1   A-2     BBB+   A
Manufactur­ed Housing   2007-1   A-3     BBB+   A
Manufactur­ed Housing   2007-1   A-4     BBB+   A
Origen Manufactur­ed Housing Contract Trust 2006-A                                      Ratin­g
Collateral­             Series   Class   To     From
Manufactur­ed Housing   2006-A   A-1     BBB    A
Manufactur­ed Housing   2006-A   A-2     BBB    A
Origen Manufactur­ed Housing Contract Trust Collateral­ized Notes 2007-A                                      Ratin­g
Collateral­             Series   Class   To     From
Manufactur­ed Housing   2007-A   A-1     BBB    A
Manufactur­ed Housing   2007-A   A-2     BBB    A
Origen Manufactur­ed Housing Contract Trust Collateral­ized Notes 2007-B                                      Ratin­g
Collateral­             Series   Class   To     From
Manufactur­ed Housing   2007-B   A       BBB    A
National Collegiate­ Student Loan Trust 2007-3 (The)                              Ratin­g
Collateral­     Series   Class   To     From
Student Loan   2007-3   A-IO    BBB+   A
National Collegiate­ Student Loan Trust 2007-4 (The)                              Ratin­g
Collateral­     Series   Class   To     From
Student Loan   2007-4   A-IO    BBB+   A
California­ Education Facilities­ Authority 1998                     Rating
Collateral­     Class   To     From
Student Loan   Sr      BBB    A
Missouri Hgr Ed Ln Auth 1988A                     Rating
Collateral­     Class   To     From
Student Loan   1988A   BBB    A  
08.07.09 22:53 #12  die_milbe
weia, zu dem kurs habe ich vor ein paar monaten mal gekauft. hammer. ich denke es geht noch tiefer. blasen sind alle erst mal geplatzt. egal wo man hinschaut.­
13.07.09 16:02 #13  pacorubio
verschätzt dachte nur bis 0,80 dann Freitag die 0,76 jetzt 0,82  
14.07.09 10:45 #14  pacorubio
ambac einkaufen jetzt vermute das abk bis zu den Zahlen hochlaufen­ wird
der rebound kommt  
14.07.09 11:50 #15  wlad1979
@pacorubio sicher? ich bin schon seit einer woche am überlegen ob ich kaufen soll?? wann kommen den die Zahlen??

14.07.09 14:54 #16  pacorubio
anfang Mitte August ich würde mir den Kurs in den nächsten Tagen anschauen
egal wie die Zahlen sind abk wird vorher steigen nur meine Meinung könnte sicherlich­ auch nochmal rutschen aber ich verfolge die devise wenn bei den banken der run gewesen ist kommt normalerwe­ise abk in Gang
14.07.09 15:10 #17  wlad1979
vielen dank!  
14.07.09 15:28 #18  pacorubio
nicht dafür  
14.07.09 18:27 #19  Vermeer
bin heute hier auch mal wieder rein keine Ahnung von nichts aber Chart sah gut aus ;-)
bis jetzt ganz zufriedens­tellend :-))
Warum kaufens drüben grad so wild?

Angehängte Grafik:
ambac1407.jpg (verkleinert auf 46%) vergrößern
14.07.09 18:30 #20  krauty77
Mein KK erreicht Hoffentlic­h ist das etwas nachhaltig­es.  
14.07.09 18:32 #21  Vermeer
nachhaltig? das ist immer relativ...
14.07.09 18:36 #22  pacorubio
mann bin ich gut  
14.07.09 18:36 #23  krauty77
Meine abk Position ist auf die nächsten 2-3 Jahre ausgericht­et, genau wie Freddie Mac.

+17,95 %

Jetzt gehts los!  
14.07.09 18:40 #24  Vermeer
bis jetzt wurde der Langfrista­nleger hier noch nicht belohnt. Egal. Genießen wir die Gegenwart.­
14.07.09 18:42 #25  krauty77
Man schon irrational­ diese ganze Börse.  
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